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Dr Reinmar Hager (MSc, PhD) - personal details

Contact details

Dr Reinmar Hager

Role: Lecturer and Postgraduate Tutor

Tel: +44 (0)161 275 1550

Location: Faculty of Life Sciences,




2004 PhD, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
1999 MSc (Diplom-Biologe), University of Würzburg
1996-1997 Undergraduate studies in biology, University of Edinburgh
1993-1996 Undergraduate studies in economics, psychology, law and biology, Universities of Kassel, Munich and Stuttgart

Postdoctoral Appointments
2011-present Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology and Postgraduate Tutor
2008-2011 NERC Research Fellow, University of Manchester
2005-2008 Postdoctoral Research Associate, supported by BBSRC. Manchester
2003-2005 Postdoctoral Research Assistant, supported by Trinity College. Cambridge

Awards & Distinctions
2009-2014 DFG Emmy Noether Group Leader Fellowship (declined)
2009         World Health Summit, Berlin, invitation
2008-2011 NERC Research Fellowship
2005-2007 DFG Emmy Noether Research Fellowship
2002-2003 Senior Rouse Ball Scholarship, Trinity College

External and Internal Committees
2012-present NERC Peer Review College
2012-present Board of Governors, University of Manchester
2012-present Senate, University of Manchester
2011-present Research Degree Committee, University of Manchester
2008-present General Assembly, University of Manchester


Dissemination of Research
Plenaries : 6 plenaries at international conferences
Seminars : 30 invited University seminars plus 46 conference contributions
Media : research featured in numerous international radio and print media, e.g. Der Standard, Der Tagespiegel, Nature, Noorderlicht, Science, Westdeutsche Rundfunk, BBC News, mancunianmatters etc.


Editorial Board
2010-present Review Editor - Frontiers in Genetics of Complex Traits


Publications Summary
Number of peer-reviewed publications (first or last author):  38
Total number of peer-reviewed publications:                      41
1 book Hager R, Jones CB. 2009. Reproductive skew. Cambridge UP.


Key Publications

Hager R, Lu L, Rosen GD, Williams RW. (2012). Genetic architecture supports mosaic brain evolution and independent brain-body size regulation. Nature Communications, 3, 1079.

Nonacs P, Hager R. (2011). The past, present and future of reproductive skew theory and experiments. Biological Reviews, 86, 271-298.

Cheverud JM, Hager R, Roseman C, Fawcett G, Wang B, Wolf JB. (2008). Genomic imprinting effects on adult body composition in mice. PNAS, 105, 4253-4258.

Wolf JB, Cheverud JM, Roseman C, Hager R. (2008). Genome-wide analysis reveals a complex pattern of genomic imprinting in mice. PLoS Genetics, 4, e1000091.

Wolf JB, Hager R. (2006). A maternal-offspring coadaptation theory for the evolution of genomic imprinting. PLoS Biology, 4(12)

Hager R, Johnstone RA. (2003). The genetic basis of family conflict resolution in mice. Nature, 421, 533-535.