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Prof Robert Ford - research

Research interests

I have various research interests within the broad umbrellas of racial attitudes and inter-group relations, public opinion research and methodology and partisan and electoral politics. My doctoral research focused on evolving British attitudes towards immigrants and ethnic minorities, and their political effects past and present. Along with developing this work, I am involved in several collaborative projects:

With Scott Blinder (Oxford) and Elisabeth Ivarsflaten (Bergen) , I am investigating how the interaction between racial prejudices and anti-racist norms influences the politics of immigration and the anti-immigrant far-right in Europe.

With Nic Cheeseman (Oxford) I am harnessing newly available comparative survey data to examine the role of ethnicity in structuring politics in emerging African democracies

With Matthew Goodwin (Manchester) I am examining the resurgence in support for the far right in Britain using newly developed survey and aggregate data sources. A book based on our extensive work in this area will be published in 2011.

With Anthony Heath (Manchester and Oxford) I have secured funding to develop a new module of questions on attitudes to immigration which will be deployed on the British Social Attitudes survey.