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Dr Robert Clarke (PhD) - publications

List of publications


  • Giordano, C., Chemi, F., Panza, S., Barone, I., Bonofiglio, D., Lanzino, M., ... Andò, S. (2016). Leptin as a mediator of tumor-stromal interactions promotes breast cancer stem cell activity.Oncotarget, 7(2), 1262-1275. DOI:10.18632/oncotarget.6014
    . Publication link: 4b8d0538-3639-4abe-bafb-3b57a2a31c6c | PubMed:26556856
  • Smit, L., Berns, K., Spence, K., Ryder, W. D., Zeps, N., Madiredjo, M., ... Clarke, R. B. (2016). An integrated genomic approach identifies that the PI3K/AKT/FOXO pathway is involved in breast cancer tumor initiation. Oncotarget, 7(3), 2596-2610.
    . Publication link: 74941b21-5ac0-447a-a02f-3b2bec62fe89
  • Yu, L., Fan, Z., Fang, S., Yang, J., Gao, T., Simões, B. M., ... Clarke, R. B. (2016). Cisplatin selects for stem-like cells in osteosarcoma by activating notch signaling. Oncotarget. DOI:10.18632/oncotarget.8849
    . Publication link: 86abb69b-1131-4f61-bb3a-1f122b37d523 | PubMed:27102300
  • Aires, A., Ocampo, S. M., Simões, B. M., Josefa Rodríguez, M., Cadenas, J. F., Couleaud, P., ... Cortajarena, A. L. (2016). Multifunctionalized iron oxide nanoparticles for selective drug delivery to CD44-positive cancer cells.Nanotechnology, 27(6), 065103. DOI:10.1088/0957-4484/27/6/065103
    . Publication link: 9ffd9bbb-88fe-40fc-93e1-e50cdc4fe149 | PubMed:26754042
  • Harvie, M., Sims, A., Pegington, M., Spence, K., Mitchell, A., Vaughan, A. A., ... Howell, A. (2016). Intermittent energy restriction induces changes in breast gene expression and systemic metabolism. Breast Cancer Research.
    . Publication link: bc215581-3d0c-4b7e-9a42-15bdba143cd4


  • Lamb, R., Fiorillo, M., Chadwick, A., Ozsvari, B., Reeves, K. J., Smith, D., ... Lisanti, M. (2015). Doxycycline down-regulates DNA-PK and radiosensitizes tumor initiating cells: Implications for more effective radiation therapy.Oncotarget, 6(16), 14005-1425. DOI:10.18632/oncotarget.4159
    . Publication link: 8e11e623-b715-469c-a88e-852996a43505 | PubMed:26087309
  • M Simoes, B., O'Brien, C., Eyre, R., Silva, A., Yu, L., Sarmiento Castro, A., ... Clarke, R. B. (2015). Anti-estrogen Resistance in Human Breast Tumors Is Driven by JAG1-NOTCH4-Dependent Cancer Stem Cell Activity.Cell Reports, 12(12), 1968-1977. DOI:10.1016/j.celrep.2015.08.050
    . Publication link: 4c96d908-cc5d-413c-98fa-489038ba57a3 | PubMed:26387946
  • Williams, K. E., Bundred, N. J., Landberg, G., Clarke, R., & Farnie, G. (2015). Focal Adhesion Kinase and Wnt Signaling Regulate human ductal carcinoma in situ stem cell activity and response to radiotherapy. Stem Cells (Durham), 33(2), 327-341. DOI:10.1002/stem.1843.
    . Publication link: d6abc945-9da3-4e79-994e-1e50c8d59ffd
  • Simões, B. M., Alferez, D., Howell, S., & Clarke, R. (2015). The role of steroid hormones in breast cancer stem cells. Endocrine-related cancer, 22 (6):T177-86(6), 177-186. [ERC-15-0350]. DOI:10.1530/ERC-15-0350
    . Publication link: 56b51916-f47e-4c64-9f03-b1d6f0633d97 | PubMed:26381288


  • Bundred, N. J., Farnie, G., Johnson, R. L., Williams, K. E., Clarke, R. B., Johnson, R. L., ... Clarke, R. B. (2014). Lapatinib inhibits stem/progenitor proliferation in preclinical in vitro models of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).Cell Cycle, 13(3), 418-425. DOI:10.4161/cc.27201
    . Publication link: 3c8af09d-4164-422c-9230-be08e085c931
  • Howell, A., Anderson, A. S., Clarke, R., Duffy, S. W., Evans, G., Garcia-Closas, M., ... Harvie, M. (2014). Risk Determination and Prevention of Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer Research (Print), 16(5), 446. DOI:10.1186/s13058-014-0446-2
    . Publication link: 639310e8-4aea-4427-b3fe-369f78beaa8e | PubMed:25467785
  • Wright, P. K., Jones, S. B., Ardern, N., Ward, R., Clarke, R. B., Sotgia, F., ... Lamb, R. (2014). 17β-estradiol regulates giant vesicle formation via estrogen receptor-alpha in human breast cancer cells. Oncotarget, 5(10), 3055-3065.
    . Publication link: 06ed0d17-2cff-4324-b171-3dd750c7e62c
  • Howell, S. J., Alferez, D., Spence, K., Eyre, R., Shaw, F., Simões, B. M., ... Clarke, R. (2014). Breast cancer stem-like cell activity correlates with tumour progression to metastasis but not with clinical or tumour characteristics. Poster session presented at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, San Antonio, Texas, USA, .
    . Publication link: 1e980b94-155f-4e57-91ab-5595ada85d93
  • Hidalgo, M., Amant, F., Biankin, A. V., Budinská, E., Byrne, A. T., Caldas, C., ... Villanueva, A. (2014). Patient Derived Xenograft Models: An Emerging Platform For Translational Cancer Research. Cancer Discovery, 4(9), 998-1013. DOI:10.1158/2159-8290.CD-14-0001
    . Publication link: dfa1c299-c5b8-40d2-af0a-85adc181cfdc
  • Vieira, A. F., Ribeiro, A. S., Dionísio, M. R., Sousa, B., Nobre, R., Albergaria, A., ... Paredes, J. (2014). P-cadherin intracellular signalling is dependent on α6β4 integrin activation inducing stem cell and invasive properties in human breast cancer cells. Oncotarget, 5(3), 679-692.
    . Publication link: 5491a930-eee0-4866-bd3f-c1e4296e1242
  • Lamb, R., Lisanti, M. P., Clarke, R. B., & Landberg, G. (2014). Co-ordination of cell cycle, migration and stem cell-like activity in breast cancer. Oncotarget, 5(17), 7833-7842.
    . Publication link: 6c524989-dc3e-4cc5-9bdb-330dc4a9576c
  • Ablett, M. P., O'Brien, C. S., Sims, A. H., Farnie, G., & Clarke, R. B. (2014). A differential role for CXCR4 in the regulation of normal versus malignant breast stem cell activity. Oncotarget, 5(3), 599-612.
    . Publication link: b59b3556-de01-495a-908c-7c3afa50772d


  • Harrison, H., Rogerson, L., Gregson, H. J., Brennan, K. R., Clarke, R., Landberg, G., & Hodgson, L. (2013). Contrasting Hypoxic Effects on Breast Cancer Stem Cell Hierarchy Is Dependent on ER-α Status. Cancer Research, 73(4), 1420-1433. DOI:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-12-2505
    . Publication link: 582ab543-d4f1-40c1-aed2-4bed1d59383b | PubMed:23248117
  • Singh, J. K., Farnie, G., Bundred, N. J., Simões, B. M., Shergill, A., Landberg, G., ... Clarke, R. B. (2013). Targeting CXCR1/2 significantly reduces breast cancer stem cell activity and increases the efficacy of inhibiting HER2 via HER2-dependent and -independent mechanisms.Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, 19(3), 643-656. DOI:10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-12-1063
    . Publication link: ef655c4f-25fa-40eb-84d2-2c2755c681c9 | PubMed:23149820
  • Singh, J., Simões, B. M., Howell, S., Farnie, G., & Clarke, R. B. (2013). Recent Advances Reveal IL-8 Signalling as a Potential Key to Targeting Breast Cancer Stem Cells. Breast Cancer Research, 15, 210. DOI:10.1186/bcr3436
    . Publication link: 831562ca-3eb3-4301-913c-f4833db3cb15
  • Singh, J. K., Simões, B. M., Clarke, R. B., & Bundred, N. J. (2013). Targeting IL-8 signalling to inhibit breast cancer stem cell activity. Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets, 17(11), 1235-1241. DOI:10.1517/14728222.2013.835398
    . Publication link: 9dcf4e58-929b-49a0-b5f6-7000f757e1ae
  • Singh, J. K., Simões, B. M., Howell, S. J., Farnie, G., & Clarke, R. (2013). Recent advances reveal IL-8 signaling as a potential key to targeting breast cancer stem cells. Breast Cancer Research, 15(4), [210]. DOI:10.1186/bcr3436
    . Publication link: 4813b204-9c62-4d17-abfd-1a20e77aa4a7 | PubMed:24041156
  • McClements, L., Yakkundi, A., Papaspyropoulos, A., Harrison, H., Ablett, M. P., Jithesh, P. V., ... Robson, T. (2013). Targeting treatment-resistant breast cancer stem cells with FKBPL and Its peptide derivative, AD-01, via the CD44 pathway. Clinical Cancer Research, 19(14), 3881-3893. DOI:10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-13-0595
    . Publication link: 5300e7ab-78ff-4023-b08b-5e265f04d8d1
  • Harrison, H., Simões, B. M., Rogerson, L., Howell, S. J., Landberg, G., & Clarke, R. B. (2013). Oestrogen increases the activity of oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer stem cells through paracrine EGFR and Notch signalling. Breast Cancer Research, 15(2), [R21]. DOI:10.1186/bcr3396
    . Publication link: b067ff7b-f20b-4058-8bdc-017bf10ae981 | PubMed:23497505
  • Brennan, K., & Clarke, R. B. (2013). Combining Notch inhibition with current therapies for breast cancer treatment. Therapeutic Advances in Medical Oncology, 5(1), 17-24. DOI:10.1177/1758834012457437
    . Publication link: 60ee8b2f-5e03-4eab-a007-5a25977a110f | PubMed:23323144
  • Eccles, S. A., Aboagye, E. O., Ali, S., Anderson, A. S., Armes, J., Berditchevski, F., ... Clarke, R. B. (2013). Critical research gaps and translational prioritiesfor the successful prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 15(5), R92. DOI:10.1186/bcr3493
    . Publication link: 6a87ba8c-e8ba-4dd7-936a-f165d8ec65dc
  • Farnie, G., Willan, P. M., Clarke, R. B., & Bundred, N. J. (2013). Combined Inhibition of ErbB1/2 and Notch Receptors Effectively Targets Breast Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) Stem/Progenitor Cell Activity Regardless of ErbB2 Status. PLoS ONE, 8(2), [e56840]. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0056840
    . Publication link: 891b726c-dffb-4304-8633-d088b745b89a
  • Yu, L., Liu, S., Zhang, C., Zhang, B., Simões, B. M., Eyre, R., ... Clarke, R. (2013). Enrichment of human osteosarcoma stem cells based on hTERT transcriptional activity. Oncotarget, 4(12), 2326-2338.
    . Publication link: 147e3b6c-53ce-4676-9c37-c42e80a04971 | PubMed:24334332
  • Lamb, R., Lehn, S., Rogerson, L., Clarke, R. B., Landberg, G., & Hodgson, L. (2013). Cell cycle regulators cyclin D1 and CDK4/6 have estrogen receptor-dependent divergent functions in breast cancer migration and stem cell-like activity.Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.), 12(15), 2384-2394. DOI:10.4161/cc.25403
    . Publication link: 4b545cc4-4da6-40fc-9678-03bef05e7563 | PubMed:23839043
  • Lamb, R., Ablett, M. P., Spence, K., Landberg, G., Sims, A. H., & Clarke, R. B. (2013). Wnt Pathway Activity in Breast Cancer Sub-Types and Stem-Like Cells. PLoS ONE, 8(7), [e67811]. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0067811
    . Publication link: 33a82c9e-0e42-4466-aef1-69543aa7495d | PubMed:23861811
  • Clarke, R. B., Stingl, J., Vivanco, M., & Bentires-Alj, M. (2013). "The charmingest place": Non-coding RNA, lineage tracing, tumour heterogeneity, metastasis and metabolism - new methods in mammary gland development and cancer: the fifth ENBDC Workshop. Breast Cancer Research, 515(5), 313.
    . Publication link: bb56dc6a-d0a0-4ccb-958c-91cc7b404217


  • Vieira, A. F., Ricardo, S., Ablett, M. P., Dionísio, M. R., Mendes, N., Albergaria, A., ... Paredes, J. (2012). P-cadherin is coexpressed with CD44 and CD49f and mediates stem cell properties in basal-like breast cancer. Stem Cells, 30(5), 854-864. DOI:10.1002/stem.1075
    . Publication link: 938d2449-f580-48be-987d-0d261c54731d
  • Ferraldeschi, R., Latif, A., Clarke, R. B., Spence, K., Ashton, G., O'Sullivan, J., ... Newman, W. G. (2012). Lack of caveolin-1 (P132L) somatic mutations in breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 132(3), 1185-1186. DOI:10.1007/s10549-012-1981-0
    . Publication link: 61ede9d9-5540-4ffe-8aff-88ca5fa42e8e | PubMed:22310961
  • Ablett, M. P., Singh, J. K., & Clarke, R. B. (2012). Stem cells in breast tumours: Are they ready for the clinic?. European Journal of Cancer, 48(14), 2104-2116. DOI:10.1016/j.ejca.2012.03.019
    . Publication link: d67aa3c7-779d-4ff7-8b2d-7b9325e1f3cf
  • Shaw, F. L., Harrison, H., Spence, K., Ablett, M. P., Simões, B. M., Farnie, G., & Clarke, R. B. (2012). A detailed mammosphere assay protocol for the quantification of breast stem cell activity. Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia, 17(2), 111-117. DOI:10.1007/s10911-012-9255-3
    . Publication link: 551eb06c-bd73-41ea-a34b-77ec99cabfd4 | PubMed:22665270


  • Thompson, A. M., Johnson, A., Quinlan, P., Hillman, G., Fontecha, M., Bray, S. E., ... Newman, W. G. (2011). Comprehensive CYP2D6 genotype and adherence affect outcome in breast cancer patients treated with tamoxifen monotherapy. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 125(1), 279-287. DOI:10.1007/s10549-010-1139-x
    . Publication link: 8795234d-6ed3-4c11-add7-7c7516d321c0 | PubMed:20809362
  • Agur, Z., Kirnasovsky, O. U., Vasserman, G., Tencer-Hershkowicz, L., Kogan, Y., Harrison, H., ... Clarke, R. B. (2011). Dickkopf1 regulates fate decision and drives breast cancer stem cells to differentiation: An experimentally supported mathematical model. PLoS ONE, 6(9), [e24225]. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0024225
    . Publication link: 9807c89b-8085-49b4-bf92-a5939e4066e7 | PubMed:21915302


  • Harrison, H., Farnie, G., Brennan, K. R., & Clarke, R. B. (2010). Breast cancer stem cells: something out of notching?. Cancer Research, 70(22), 8973-8976. DOI:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-10-1559
    . Publication link: 6095fb91-8fe3-4fca-898e-ec135c0750ec | PubMed:21045140
  • Harrison, H., Farnie, G., Howell, S. J., Rock, R. E., Stylianou, S., Brennan, K. R., ... Clarke, R. B. (2010). Regulation of breast cancer stem cell activity by signaling through the Notch4 receptor. Cancer Research, 70(2), 709-718. DOI:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-09-1681
    . Publication link: f40c35c7-fd19-49d0-866d-a60927566d8a | PubMed:20068161
  • Agur, Z., Kogan, Y., Levi, L., Harrison, H., Lamb, R., Kirnasovsky, O. U., & Clarke, R. B. (2010). Disruption of a Quorum Sensing mechanism triggers tumorigenesis: A simple discrete model corroborated by experiments in mammary cancer stem cells. Biology Direct, 5, [20]. DOI:10.1186/1745-6150-5-20
    . Publication link: 5c045bb5-5e25-4310-b766-4a118fa87150 | PubMed:20406437
  • Rieger, M. E., Sims, A. H., Coats, E. R., Clarke, R. B., & Briegel, K. J. (2010). The embryonic transcription cofactor LBH is a direct target of the Wnt signaling pathway in epithelial development and in aggressive basal subtype breast cancers. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 30(17), 4267-4279. DOI:10.1128/MCB.01418-09
    . Publication link: cc2d2b58-2947-4820-a9d2-40439b7494a4


  • Foster, F. M., Owens, T. W., Tanianis-Hughes, J., Clarke, R. B., Brennan, K., Bundred, N. J., & Streuli, C. H. (2009). Targeting inhibitor of apoptosis proteins in combination with ErbB antagonists in breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 11(3), [R41]. DOI:10.1186/bcr2328
    . Publication link: 8bc02389-49d9-410a-bc2e-0d53e37f5120 | PubMed:19563669
  • Blance, R. N., Sims, A. H., Anderson, E., Howell, A., & Clarke, R. B. (2009). Normal breast tissue implanted into athymic nude mice identifies biomarkers of the effects of human pregnancy levels of estrogen. Cancer Prevention Research, 2(3), 257-264. DOI:10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-08-0161
    . Publication link: f175406f-cc13-49b6-a419-bf7984cbd9a9
  • Ong, K. R., Sims, A. H., Harvie, M., Chapman, M., Dunn, W. B., Broadhurst, D., ... Howell, A. (2009). Biomarkers of dietary energy restriction in women at increased risk of breast cancer. Cancer Prevention Research, 2(8), 720-731. DOI:10.1158/1940-6207.CAPR-09-0008
    . Publication link: adb1ba0f-2d58-442b-8d6e-998276243b18 | PubMed:19656771
  • Bentires-Alj, M., Clarke, R. B., Jonkers, J., Smalley, M., & Stein, T. (2009). It's all in the details: methods in breast development and cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 11(4), 305. DOI:10.1186/bcr2346
    . Publication link: d54d77c9-2736-4e5c-b5ac-5fc0771ea9b3
  • O'Brien, C. S., Howell, S. J., Farnie, G., & Clarke, R. B. (2009). Resistance to endocrine therapy: Are breast cancer stem cells the culprits?. Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia, 14(1), 45-54. DOI:10.1007/s10911-009-9115-y
    . Publication link: f3d9a131-4553-42fc-88ce-7c9f992fb6f6 | PubMed:19252972


  • Howell, S. J., Anderson, E., Hunter, T., Farnie, G., & Clarke, R. B. (2008). Prolactin receptor antagonism reduces the clonogenic capacity of breast cancer cells and potentiates doxorubicin and paclitaxel cytotoxicity.Breast cancer research : BCR, 10(4), [R68]. DOI:10.1186/bcr2129
    . Publication link: c411c044-97a8-454d-946f-bb16ec499d26 | PubMed:18681966
  • Huu, N. S. N., Ryder, W. D. J., Zeps, N., Flasza, M., Chiu, M., Hanby, A. M., ... Baron, M. (2008). Tumour-promoting activity of altered WWPI expression in breast cancer and its utility as a prognostic indicator. Journal of Pathology, 216(1), 93-102. DOI:10.1002/path.2385
    . Publication link: 0ed93e6b-97cc-436e-9ec0-bf868f4073d0
  • Rice, L., Waters, C. E., Eccles, J., Garside, H., Sommer, P., Kay, P., ... Ray, D. W. (2008). Identification and functional analysis of SKA2 interaction with the glucocorticoid receptor. Journal of Endocrinology, 198(3), 499-509. DOI:10.1677/JOE-08-0019
    . Publication link: 92e14224-3a0e-4a79-af70-01b602e6b544 | PubMed:18583474


  • Howell, S., Sims, A. H., Howell, A., Howell, S. J., & Clarke, R. B. (2007). Origins of breast cancer subtypes and therapeutic implications. Nature Clinical Practice Oncology, 4(9), 516-525. DOI:10.1038/ncponc0908
    . Publication link: 2e50ae78-96c5-4863-ab65-16d6bd4cbc1f | PubMed:17728710
  • Farnie, G., & Clarke, R. B. (2007). Mammary stem cells and breast cancer - Role of notch signalling. Stem Cell Reviews, 3(2), 169-175. DOI:10.1007/s12015-007-0023-5
    . Publication link: a1031cd2-0392-4d2b-b2ba-0bfeb690b0c0
  • Coppock, H. A., Gilham, D. E., Howell, A., & Clarke, R. (2007). Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors and basement membrane interact to regulate breast epithelial cell differentiation and acinar morphogenesis. Cell Proliferation, 40(5), 721-740. DOI:10.1111/j.1365-2184.2007.00463.x
    . Publication link: eee41e34-d490-40b2-9882-05a57c6c97a7
  • Sims, A. H., Finnon, P., Miller, C. J., Bouffler, S. D., Howell, A., Scott, D., & Clarke, R. B. (2007). TPD52 and NFKB1 gene expression levels correlate with G2 chromosomal radiosensitivity in lymphocytes of women with and at risk of hereditary breast cancer. International Journal of Radiation Biology, 83(6), 409-420. DOI:10.1080/09553000701317366
    . Publication link: 8f57f991-e8ff-40b9-abee-2afc4daefda0 | PubMed:17487680
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    . Publication link: ee20341d-6e28-4297-a001-b7fb80299fa2
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    . Publication link: a32de9fd-edcf-4a25-9c54-71c06c139f70






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    . Publication link: 3d8ebc26-62f0-433d-9008-11efbec332cc


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