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Prof Stephen Parker - publications

List of publications


  • Parker, S. (2016). Taoist Paradox and Socialist-Realist Aesthetics: Re-grounding the Galileo Complex in the 'Danish' Leben des Galilei, Brecht's Testimony from the 'finsteren Zeiten'.German Life and Letters, 69(2), 192-212. DOI: 10.1111/glal.12119. Publication link: c4efc2b7-100e-40ae-8e58-404e3794c8cd




  • Parker, S., Haines, B. (Ed.), & Riordan, C. (Ed.) (2010). Aesthetics and Politics in Modern German Culture: Festschrift in Honour of Rhys W. Williams. Oxford: Lang.. Publication link: 9e840f08-6898-401b-b3b9-504119feeadd
  • Parker, S. (2010). What was the Cause of Brecht’s Death? Towards a Medical History. Brecht Yearbook, 35, 291-307. . Publication link: 34f18c98-1f04-40b0-8212-702ad209f326
  • Parker, S. (2010). The Young Brecht’s Predicament in Tagebuch No 10. In B. H., & C. R. (Eds.), Aesthetics and Politics in Modern German Culture: Festschrift in Honour of Rhys W. Williams. (pp. 247-260). Oxford: Lang. . Publication link: e768579c-da71-4c90-9bb4-52f510ea0c2f


  • Parker, S., & Philpotts, M. (2009). Sinn und Form: The Anatomy of a Literary Journal. (1 ed.) (Interdisciplinary German Cultural Studies; Vol. 6). Berlin and New York: Walter De Gruyter.. Publication link: f1d9e37a-f7fb-4b79-867b-d69418e9763d


  • Parker, S., & Davies, W. V. (Ed.) (2008). Standardisation Issues: A Special Number in Honour of Martin Durrell. (German Life and Letters). Oxford: Blackwell. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0483.2008.00432.x. Publication link: 1f04dd03-30bd-4a89-87f6-7638c6271578
  • Parker, S. (2008). Brecht and Sinn und Form: Generating Cutural Capital in the Cold War. In R. G., G. W-S., N. O. E., M. B. H., G. P. K., & G. L. (Eds.), Verwisch die Spuren!: A Re-assessment of Bertolt Brecht's Work and Legacy. (1 ed., pp. 239-259). (Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neueren Germanistik; Vol. 66). Amsterdam and Atlanta: Rodopi. . Publication link: 82314d0c-ea8a-42c8-9e78-6e2bdafbead3



  • Parker, S., Davies, P., & Philpotts, M. (2004). The modern restoration: Re-thinking german literary history 1930-1960: Re-thinking German Literary History 1930 - 1960. Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter GmbH and Co. KG. DOI: 10.1515/9783110906127. Publication link: add932e9-8af6-44c7-b560-5842699bd30b


  • Parker, S., Giles, S. (Ed.), Philpotts, M. (Ed.), & Davies, P. (Ed.) (2003). Brecht on Art and Politics. London: Methuen.. Publication link: 51b12154-e6df-4644-99af-965a858ba244
  • Parker, S. (2003). Visionäre Naturbilder. Literarische und autobiographische Züge der Privatmythologie Peter Huchels. Sinn und Form, 55(2), 257-266. . Publication link: 0df43df6-a77e-4cf2-ad96-17ac4d9b8a9b


  • Parker, S. (2002). Der Erkenntniswert von Dokumenten bei der Erforschung der Geschichte von Sinn und Form 1949-89. In H. K., & C. C. (Eds.), Akten des X. Internationalen Germanistenkongresses Wien 2000. (pp. 33-38). Berne: Lang. . Publication link: 00534622-c694-4cbb-8c17-3ac2e268853e
  • Parker, S., Davies, P., & Philpotts, M. (2002). The Modern Restoration?: Revisiting the Periodization of German Literature 1930-60. In K. K., & R. R. (Eds.), Words, Texts, Images.: Proceedings of the Conference of University Teachers of German. (1 ed., pp. 111-134). Oxford: Peter Lang. . Publication link: d4960b49-50df-409b-999e-f3a25d6f0f78


  • Parker, S. (2000). The Politics of Culture in German Unification: the Case of the Berlin Academies of Arts. In C. F., & S. T. (Eds.), 1949/1989: Cultural Perspectives on Division and Unity in East and West. (pp. 101-112). Rodopi. . Publication link: c0235fcd-f511-4011-81d1-10ed793edb43


  • Parker, S. (1999). Sinn und Form unter Wilhelm Girnus. Sinn und Form, 51, 87-106. . Publication link: e8db1629-ae64-4d06-b7cd-4d2969fe55fa
  • Parker, S. (1999). Fortsetzung folgt: 'Sinn und Form' unter Wilhelm Girnus. In Zwischen 'Mosaik und 'Einheit'. Zeitschriften in der DDR. (pp. 346-359). Berlin: Chr. Links. . Publication link: 656c8676-2d4c-41b8-ad2a-f0f922c7022e


  • Parker, S., & Davies, P. (1998). Brecht, SED cultural policy and the issue of authority in the arts. In S. G., & R. L. (Eds.), Bertolt Brecht: Centenary Essays. (pp. 181-195). Amsterdam; Atlanta: Rodopi. . Publication link: 6625b619-f193-4836-9cb6-eae9967e249e
  • Parker, S. (1998). Peter Huchel: A Literary Life in 20th-Century Germany. Berne: Lang.. Publication link: e004a917-5d04-4222-a344-88cc8e6770d7


  • Parker, S. (1995). Dora Huchel’s Account of her Life with Peter Huchel, Edited and with a Commentary. Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 77, 59-84. . Publication link: bc363c6d-1117-4a00-bdfd-f7c097db0e22
  • Parker, S. (1995). On peter Huchel's adaptation of shaw's 'Denshawai horror' and related matters. Neophilologus, 79(2), 295-306. DOI: 10.1007/BF00999785. Publication link: 228dcdba-3d73-429c-b986-d77762a5c2ce
  • Parker, S. (1995). Re-establishing an all-German identity: Sinn und Form and German Unification. In O. D. (Ed.), Literature and Society in Germany since 1989. (pp. 14-27). Sheffield: University of Sheffield Press. . Publication link: 2fa45b7b-85bb-416c-8703-9708086c3700
  • Parker, S. (1995). The Disloyalty of a Loyal Comrade: Wilhelm Girnus' Conflict with SED Leadership over Unvollendete Geschichte. In R. J. (Ed.), Volker Braun. (pp. 107-123). Cardiff: University of Wales Press. . Publication link: 9524265b-e86f-4546-9951-ecee0f2a8dde


  • Parker, S. (1994). Sinn und Form, Peter Huchel und der 17. Juni: Bertolt Brechts Rettungsaktion. Sinn und Form, 46, 738-751. . Publication link: adebf5ac-8ba2-4488-adc9-351507a1f9ab
  • Parker, S. (1994). "Ein hoffnungsvoller Vertreter der Funkdichtung": Peter Huchel's Radio Work in Nazi Germany. In I. W. (Ed.), Aliens. (pp. 101-134). Amsterdam and Atlanta: Rodopi. . Publication link: 8ad45bca-5b7b-4eb2-92ad-086a443a88a8


  • Parker, S. (1993). Peter Huchel et Sinn und Form (1949-1962). La Revue des revues: revue internationale d'histoire et de bibliographie ., 15. . Publication link: a0f42a82-a23d-4adf-ba09-69b774eb6c50


  • Parker, S. (1992). Peter Huchel und Sinn und Form: Die Ostberliner Akademie der Künste und das Problem der einheitlichen deutschen Kultur. Sinn und Form, 44, 724-738. . Publication link: 4ac10c09-8904-4821-9685-3fff32616bba
  • Parker, S. (1992). Poetry and Politics: Peter Huchel in Berlin Literary Life from the Mid-Twenties to the Mid-Fifties. German Monitor, 26, 1-22. . Publication link: 21a62fd3-a321-46b9-b0cf-3dee7695731b
  • Parker, S. (1992). Peter Huchel and Sinn und Form: The German Academy of Arts and the Issue of German Cultural Unity. In C. R., & R. W. (Eds.), German Writers and the Cold War 1945-61. (pp. 132-158). Manchester: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 6a3acbf4-947f-4bb3-bde9-7b2250f0ee65
  • Parker, S., & Kleinschmidt, S. (Eds.) (1992). Der Fall von Peter Huchel und Sinn und Form. Deutsche Akademie der Künste. Protokolle, Briefe, Akten.Sinn und Form, 44(5), 739-822. . Publication link: fdd4d652-0402-4792-af69-b987ec3a88ca
  • Parker, S. (1992). Recent Additions to the Peter Huchel Collection in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. . Publication link: f222fdee-2027-462f-9aeb-6fc6e7f4699e
  • Parker, S., Riordan, C. (Ed.), & Williams, R. (Ed.) (1992). German Writers and the Cold War 1945-61. Manchester: Manchester University Press.. Publication link: c5613ef4-5daf-49a6-ae10-2f2b192c73b0


  • Parker, S. (1991). Peter Huchel als Propagandist: Huchels 1940 entstandene Adaption von George Bernard Shaws “Die Greuel von Denshawai”. Rundfunk und Fernsehen, 39, 343-353. . Publication link: 2f115ef9-02f5-4a5a-a744-3044f7643b96


  • Parker, S. (1990). The Peter Huchel Collection of German Literature in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 72, 135-152. . Publication link: 3450c9c5-852c-4660-99a5-d5b88dddffc8
  • Parker, S. (1990). The Outsider as Insider: Peter Huchel in the SBZ. Internationales Archiv für Sozialgeschichte der deutschen Literatur, 15, 169-192. . Publication link: b438ce9c-b428-4160-bed4-4703b12da2a9


  • Parker, S. (1989). West and East Germany: A two-way flow of doctors. In Lancet|LANCET. (Vol. 2, pp. 1444). Manchester: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: a6fa919f-1952-454d-96c0-cc10b41ed22b


  • Parker, S. (1988). Visions, Revisions and Divisions: The Critical Legacy of Peter Huchel. German Life and Letters, 41, 184-212. . Publication link: ffa04ea4-3569-4664-b989-b79ba04a2fc4


  • Parker, S. (1986). Collected - Recollected - Uncollected? Peter Huchel’s Gesammelte Werke. German Life and Letters, 40, 49-70. . Publication link: a5b504ad-c6d4-4be2-a947-874c30b71996