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Prof Yoram Gorlizki - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Yoram Gorlizki and Oleg Khlevniuk. Kholodnyi Mir. Istoriia Stalinizma. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2011. eScholarID:143028
  • Yoram Gorlizki, Oleg Khlevniuk. Cold Peace: Stalin and the Soviet Ruling Circle 1945-1953. New Yoram: Oxford University Press, 2004. eScholarID:4b235
  • Gorlizki, Y., O Khlevniuk, L Kosheleva, A Miniuk, M Prozumenshikov, L Rogovaia, S Somonova. Politburo TsK VKP (b) i Sovet Ministrov SSSR 1945-1953. Edited by Gorlizki, Y. Khlevniuk, O. Kosheleva, L. Miniuk, A. Prozumenshikov, M. Rogovaia, L. Somonova, S. , Rosspen, 2002. eScholarID:4b236

Book contribution

  • Yoram Gorlizki and Hans Mommsen. "Politicheskie (bes)poriadki stalinizma i natsional-sotsialisma." In Za ramkami totalitarianizma. Sravnitel'nye issledovaniia stalinizma i natsizma, Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2011. eScholarID:143922
  • Yoram Gorlizki. "Stalinskaia diktatura v sravnitel'noi perspektive." In Istoriia Stalinizma:Itogi i problemy izuchennia, 135-149. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2011. eScholarID:143029
  • Yoram Gorlizki and Oleg Khlevniuk. "Stalin and His Circle." In The Cambridge History of Russia: Vol.3. The Twentieth Century, ed. Ronald Grigor Suny, 243-267.Cambridge University Press, 2006. eScholarID:3b4519
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Political Reform and Local Party Interventions Under Khrushchev." In Reforming Justice in Russia: Power, Culture, and the Limits of Legal Order, ed. Solomon, P, 258-282. Armonk, New York:: M.E. Sharpe, 1997. eScholarID:3b826
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Jews." In The Nationalities Question in the Post-Soviet States, ed. Smith, G, 429-454. London: Longman, 1996. eScholarID:3b571
  • Gorlizki, Y. "The Political (Dis)Orders of Stalinism and National Socialism." In Dictatorships Compared: Nazism and Stalinism, ed. Sheila Fitzpatrick and Michael Geyer, New York, Cambridge University Press, eScholarID:3b3535
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Ordinary Stalinism: The Council of Ministers in Stalin's last years." eScholarID:3b31

Journal article

  • Yoram Gorlizki. "Structures of Trust After Stalin." Slavonic and East European Review 91, no. 1(2013) . eScholarID:178284 | DOI:10.5699/slaveasteurorev2.91.1.0119
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Policing Post-Stalin Society: The Militsiia and public order under Khrushchev." Cahiers du Monde Russe 44(2003) : 465-480. eScholarID:1b262
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Ordinary Stalinism: The Council of Ministers and the Soviet Neo-Patrimonial State, 1945-1953." Journal of Modern History 74(4)(2002) : 699-736. eScholarID:1b261 | DOI:10.1086/376210
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Stalin's Cabinet: the Politburo and Decision Making in the Post-war Years." Europe-Asia Studies 53, No.2(2001) : 291-312. eScholarID:1b260 | DOI:10.1080/09668130020032307
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Class and Nation in the Jewish Settlement of Palestine: The case of Merhavia 1910-1930." Journal of Historical Geography 26 no4(2000) : 572-588. eScholarID:1b7593
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Nation and Class in the Jewish Settlement of Palestine: The Case of Merhavia, 1910-1930." Journal of Historical Geography 26, no.4(2000) : 572-588. eScholarID:1b317
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Rules, Incentives and Soviet Campaign Justice after World War II." Europe-Asia Studies (formerly Soviet Studies) 51, no. 7(1999) : 1245-1266. eScholarID:1b7592
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Delegalization in Russia: Soviet Comrades' Courts in Retrospect." American Journal of Comparative Law 48, No. 3(1998) : 103-125. eScholarID:1b1604
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Anti-Ministerialism and the USSR Ministry of Jusice, 1953-1956: A Study in Organizational Decline." Europe-Asia Studies (formerly Soviet Studies) 48, No. 8(1996) : 1279-1318. eScholarID:1b1601
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Party Revivalism and the Death of Stalin." Slavic Review 54(1)(1995) : 1-22. eScholarID:1b1199
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Industry, Justice and the Politics of Soviet Regulation.". eScholarID:1b7708
  • Gorlizki, Y. "Theft Under Stalin: A Property Rights Approach.". eScholarID:1b7709


  • Gorlizki, Y. Comparing the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany: Political Aspects.