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Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme – funding for master’s courses

The University of Manchester is offering a large number of scholarships, each worth £10,000 in funding, to UK and EU students who will be starting postgraduate taught master’s courses in September 2015.

The Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme, which is part of a Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) initiative, is aimed at widening access to master’s courses by removing barriers to postgraduate education for students from underrepresented groups.

You have until 5pm on Friday, 22 May 2015 to submit your application for the scheme.  Here’s what you need to do.

1. Check that you are eligible to apply

In order to apply for this fantastic funding opportunity you must meet all the following criteria. You should:

  • be progressing from an undergraduate course for which you have been paying the higher tuition fee applying since 2012-13;
  • hold an offer from The University of Manchester for an eligible master’s course starting in September 2015. All one-year full-time master’s courses are eligible except for postgraduate diplomas, postgraduate certificates, MPhil and integrated master’s, and courses funded by other public bodies (such as PGCE, or NHS-funded courses);
  • be domiciled in the UK or EU and eligible to pay fees at the home rate;
  • not already be qualified at master’s level or higher.

As well as meeting all the criteria above, you must also meet at least one of the following four widening participation groups:

  1. You’ve been in local authority care for at least 13 weeks and will be under the age of 25 on 30 September 2015.
  2. You’ve received a maintenance grant from the UK government during your undergraduate study. Consideration will be given to the number of years that a maintenance grant was received, and the amounts awarded. 
  3. Your postcode in your A-level (or equivalent) year meets the geodemographic indicator as defined by the HEFCE POLAR3 Low Participation Neighbourhood (LPN) data and ACORN information (a system that assigns specific geodemographic profiles to individual UK postcodes).
  4. You’ve received Disabled Students’ Allowance during your undergraduate study, or are in receipt of support from your university’s Disability Office.

We will award scholarships on the basis of a holistic assessment of the above criteria, together with an assessment of underrepresented groups in particular disciplines. We expect the scheme to be oversubscribed, so meeting the eligibility criteria doesn’t guarantee that you will receive an award.

2. Read the regulations

Applicants must meet the criteria outlined and provide all required evidence to be eligible for consideration.

Scholarships can only be awarded to students who began their undergraduate degree from 2012–13 and have been paying higher fees following the fees and finance reforms.

This includes:

  • English students entering undergraduate study at any UK institution from September 2012;
  • non-UK students entering undergraduate study at any English institution from September 2012;
  • Scottish students entering undergraduate study at any English, Welsh or NI institutions from September 2012;
  • Northern Irish students entering undergraduate study at any English, Welsh or Scottish institutions from September 2012.

This does not include:

  • students from Wales who entered undergraduate study from September 2012, since the Welsh government, through the student loans company, provided tuition fee grants to all Welsh students to cover the increase in fees;
  • students from EU countries outside the UK who entered undergraduate study from September 2012 at an institution in Wales, if they were in receipt of a tuition fee grant from the student loans company that covered the increase in fees from 2012;
  • students from Scotland or other EU countries outside the UK who entered undergraduate study from September 2012 at an institution in Scotland, if their fees were paid for them by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland;
  • students from Northern Ireland or other EU countries outside the UK who entered undergraduate study from September 2012 at an institution in Northern Ireland;
  • Students who studied for their undergraduate degree outside the UK.

This is a competitive scholarship scheme, and eligibility does not guarantee an award.

Awards will be disbursed as a fee waiver, with any remaining funding disbursed as a contribution to maintenance expenses.

If the student is also eligible for a School or Faculty award or discount, then the higher value award will be offered.

Scholarship awards cannot be deferred to a future academic year.

Students who amend their registration from a master’s level degree to postgraduate diploma or certificate will no longer be eligible for a scholarship and the University will discontinue payments.

Students who discontinue their studies will no longer be eligible for a scholarship and the University will discontinue maintenance payments.

The University’s decision on all awards under the Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme is final, and appeals will not be considered.

If you have any questions regarding the scheme or your eligibility, please contact

3. Gather your supporting evidence

The deadline to submit your application and provide relevant documentation is 5pm on Friday, 22 May 2015.

You can apply using our online application form. Click on the link below to access this. Please complete all necessary sections of the application form. In addition, you’ll need to upload the following evidence to support your application:

  • a letter showing that you are being charged the higher undergraduate tuition fee which came into effect in 2012, eg Student Finance Entitlement letter;*
  • if claiming eligibility as a care leaver, confirmation from a local authority (or equivalent) of dates spent in care;
  • if claiming eligibility because you have received a maintenance grant, a copy of your Student Finance Breakdown for each relevant year*);
  • if claiming eligibility because your postcode in your A-level (or equivalent) year meets the geodemographic indicator, Student Loan Company correspondence from the academic year 2011–12 showing your postcode;*
  • if claiming eligibility as a disabled student, a copy of your DSA notification letter, or a letter from your university’s Disability Office confirming that they have provided you with support related to your disability.

*If you are currently studying an undergraduate degree at The University of Manchester you do not have to provide this document.

Please note that you cannot save and return to your application once started. If you close or refresh your browser the information you have entered will be lost. We advise that you gather all your supporting evidence before beginning to complete the online application form.

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