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Discover Chemistry - 24 June 2013

This day provided hands-on experience of Chemistry courses at The University of Manchester. It gave students the chance to see (and use) for themselves the kind of scientific instrumentation (infrared spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc) you only hear about in school or see on television.

On the day students synthesized diphenylmethanol from benzophenone, a reaction type you may have studied at A-level but will probably not have done for yourselves. They followed the conversion of a carbon-oxygen double-bond to a single-bond by infrared spectroscopy and checked on progress and purity by thin-layer chromatography on silica, visualised by ultraviolet lamp. These processes are typical of how new medicines are discovered.


9.45am Arrival, registration and refreshments
9.55am Welcome and introduction
10.00am Introductory lecture
10.30am Workshop 1: Practical activity – synthesis, spectroscopy, chromatography
12.00pm Lunch
12.30pm Workshop 2: Rota of mass spectrometry, campus tour, nuclear magnetic resonance, XRD labs
1.40pm Finish Workshop 1: Infrared spectroscopy of dry product
2.15pm Careers talk and Chemistry courses overview
2.45pm Demonstration lecture
3.15pm Feedback and close (3.30pm)

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