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Discover Cell Biology Day - 12 July 2011

Each cell in your body is mind-blowingly complex. Comprising hundreds of organelles and simultaneously performing thousands of tasks, each one is unique. With molecular motors hauling sub-cellular structures along fine networks, and proteins being trafficked through intracellular compartments, the inside of your cells are constantly being rearranged and look more like a bustling city than the typical textbook image of a round bag containing a few static structures.

Cell biologists use a wide array of cutting-edge tools to study cells and their processes in fine detail. Thus the modern cell biologist will use a combination of light and electron microscopy, molecular biology, physiological and biochemical techniques. In this way we aim to reveal the secrets of the cell so that we can better understand how it works and what goes wrong when diseases such as cancer or dementia strike.

On the Discover Cell Biology Day you will get a crash course in these techniques and find out more about the cutting-edge research going on right now in our labs. You will also get information on the types of degrees available at The University of Manchester and find out about the types of career available to you as a Cell Biology graduate.


9.30amArrival and registration
10amIntroductory talk – 'What is Cell Biology and what can I do with it?'

Research talk – 'From the forefront of Cell Biology research'

11amPractical session 1 – 'The world inside the cell'

Lunch and tour of the campus with undergraduate students

2pmPractical session 2 – 'Cell Biology crash course'
3.30pmEvaluation and close

Venue information

Meet at 9.30am in the reception area of the Stopford Building (number 79 on the campus map). Student ambassadors wearing red hoodies will be on hand to direct you.

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