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Child involved in science

First Light at Jodrell Bank

Help us to raise £5.5 million to expand our visitor’s centre, and inspire the next generation of scientists to push back the boundaries of human knowledge.

We believe that anyone who walks through our doors could hold the key to unlock the unknown, whether that’s demystifying the depths of space, tackling global climate change or even finding a cure for cancer.

Young girl at Jodrell Bank

Science for all

A passion for science, sparked in childhood, can be the catalyst that leads to bold new discoveries and a better understanding of the world around us.

Jodrell Bank remains one of the most important scientific landmarks in the world and on the UK shortlist for UNESCO World Heritage Site Status.

Every year, the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre welcomes 20,000 school children who take part in educational workshops and explore exciting interactive exhibits. Taking science out of the classroom, school visits help to open the eyes and minds of children all over the North West and beyond. 

What’s more, we believe that a child’s financial circumstances should not be a barrier to their chosen path. That’s why we also offer secondary school students from disadvantaged backgrounds free visits to Jodrell Bank.

But Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre is bursting at the seams, unable to keep up with demand. And with requests to visit higher than ever, many budding scientists could be missing out.

Our solution: First Light at Jodrell Bank

We want to create a spectacular new space to celebrate the extraordinary journey of exploring our place in the universe.

This state-of-the-art building, known as the First Light Pavilion, will bring together expansive exhibitions, educational facilities, a 250-seat auditorium, innovative projection space and a café, creating a unique and inspiring experience for young and old to explore their curiosity.

Artist's impressions of First Light

The First Light Pavilion will help us to open our doors to thousands more young people, providing new opportunities to learn vital skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking and perseverance. These abilities, imperative for a career in science, are also important life skills, helping to build well-rounded individuals who are resilient, hard-working and inquisitive.

The First Light Pavilion will be a world-class space in which workshops and outreach classes can inspire the next generation of young scientists, sparking their imagination in a way that could change the course of their entire future.

Help us to make it happen

We believe that young people hold the key to a better future and we want to give them the best chance of making discoveries that could unlock huge benefits to society.

But we can’t do this alone. Jodrell Bank is at a turning point, and we need your help to pave the way for tomorrow’s discoveries and make a significant difference for generations to come.

Make a donation towards Jodrell Bank First Light and help us to encourage children of all ages and circumstances to explore their natural curiosity, wherever that may take them.