Graduation and beyond

We aim to ensure that every one of our students can make the most of their education and contribute positively to society, whether that’s through further study or in the world of employment.

With your help, our programmes and scholarships provide practical help and advice for students after graduation, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Global graduates

Increasingly, a world-class degree is not enough to guarantee success in the workplace after graduation. That’s why we’re committed to improving the employability of our students.

Our award-winning Global Graduates scheme gives our students the opportunity to travel abroad to major business centres, like Hong Kong, New York or Singapore. Students spend time working alongside high-flying alumni – learning from them, making valuable contacts and acquiring a new perspective on the wider world of work.

PhD scholarships

Two students involved in research at PhD level

Access to PhD study is often limited to those students from wealthy backgrounds or those able to secure research funding, which in today’s climate is becoming increasingly scarce.

But at Manchester, our generous donors help us to provide scholarships for research projects open to anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

These scholarships allow outstanding students from all over the world to join us in Manchester to tackle the most pressing issues facing humanity, from cancer or poverty to climate change or dementia.

Support for these scholarships is a great example of how donations to the University can make a difference not just to the local community, but to society at large.