Helping students during university

We believe that every student should be able to achieve their full potential, free from financial anxiety.

With the help of our generous donors, we offer a range of scholarships and support with local, national and international reach.

Undergraduate access scholarships

Disadvantaged students who have completed our Manchester Access Programme receive a bursary and a donor-funded scholarship to help with living expenses.

Student performing scientific research

We currently have over 700 undergraduate students supported by donor-funded scholarships. These students, able to achieve their full potential free from financial worries, perform better than the university average, with 70% graduating with a First or Upper Second degree.

Foundation scholarships

Foundation scholarships give maths, engineering and science students who just missed out on their grades, a second chance.

These scholarships give financial support for students to undertake a unique four-year course, starting with a ‘year zero’ which brings them up to speed before embarking on their degrees.

Equity and merit scholarships

Felix, and equity and merit scholarship recipient

While we are committed to widening access to world-class education at home, we are also keenly aware of our wider global responsibilities.

Our Equity and Merit scholarships support exceptional students from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. These students study for master’s degrees in areas such as urban development, engineering and education, which they would not be able to access in their home countries. They can then take the knowledge gained from these degrees and use it to benefit their communities back home.

Felix's story

Felix’s donor-funded Equity and Merit Scholarship allowed him to gain vital new skills through a Master’s Degree that wasn’t available in his home country. Now, he’s returning home to Uganda to help HIV patients with life-threatening fungal infections.


These scholarships provide support for the full living costs for a one-year degree, while the university covers the student’s tuition fees. They allow the most exceptional and talented students from some of the poorest countries in the world to gain knowledge that makes a real difference in their home countries.

These scholarships wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our donors.

Living Cost Support Fund

The Living Cost Support Fund provides emergency support when students run into sudden and unexpected financial troubles. Whether this is because of family difficulties, illness, natural disaster or anything else, the fund exists to ensure students from all backgrounds can complete their studies successfully and worry-free.

Michael’s story

When Michael ran into financial difficulty, the Living Cost Support Fund, supported by donors, stepped in to help.