Universities are a place to explore our curiosity, and Manchester has a rich and proud history of pushing back the boundaries of human knowledge to discover what lies beyond.

While much of our research is focused on achieving clear-cut objectives, we’re also excited about the bigger challenge of illuminating the unknown. We want to allow the curiosity of our world-class minds to roam freely, in search of new discoveries that could unlock great benefit to society.

Many of the biggest names in Manchester’s history – Alan Turing, Arthur Lewis, Tom Kilburn, Bernard Lovell – have all broken important new ground in the pursuit of human knowledge. We are the birthplace of modern economics and medical ethics. We are home to the world’s first modern computer, and it was here that the splitting of the atom first took place.

At the time, these discoveries might not have had an immediate and obvious use, but we know that some of the greatest and most influential innovations in human history happened because someone delved into the unknown.

Today, as we lead the enquiry into the true nature of our universe and the mechanisms that govern human life, your donations can help continue that proud tradition.

With your support, we could discover new ways to change the world in ways we can’t even imagine.