Global inequalities

Despite living in a world of affluence and advanced health care, around 800 million people will go hungry today, and almost 30,000 children will die of preventable diseases.

In fact, all over the world, people’s lives are adversely affected by unfairness or unequal treatment, whether they are deprived of education, opportunities, health, freedom or justice.

At The University of Manchester, we’re leading the battle against these global inequalities. With your help, we want to create a fairer world – and by doing so, change countless lives for the better.

Global inequalities (research beacon) is one of our five research beacons – examples of pioneering discoveries, interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector partnerships that are tackling some of the biggest questions facing the planet.

By bringing together brilliant academic minds across a wide range of disciplines, we are unravelling the complex causes of unfairness and injustice. Our research plays a crucial role in influencing and shaping government policies around the world, in ways that bring about positive change for people whose lives are blighted by inequality.

Ultimately, we have an unwavering belief that our world can and should be fairer. We believe that there’s no justifiable reason why the freedom, opportunities and life-chances that many of us take for granted shouldn’t be available to all our fellow human beings, wherever they are from.

Your donations can help us make a real difference to the people who need it the most.