Financial help in difficult times by Michael

Michael is a mature student in the final year of a medical degree. When increasing coursework and upcoming exams meant he no longer had the time to support himself with a part-time job, Michael applied for the Cost of Living Support Fund.

Michael's story

During my final year of a five-year medical degree I knew it would be difficult. Being a mature student I came into medicine in a slightly unconventional way, which meant that I lacked financial support from my family.

In previous years, I had been able to have a part-time job alongside my studies, but as my course intensified I had less and less time available to spare. I had previously expended all my previous avenues for financial assistance. My parents are both retired and they had already given me all the help they could. I was struggling financially and so I applied to the Cost of Living Support Fund. 

Easing the burden

The fund basically put me at ease at a time when I had exams looming. The last thing I wanted was to worry about how I would cover my rent this month, or how I would have to eat porridge for three meals a day. 


Without a doubt, I don't think I would have made it through my medical exams if I hadn’t received support. I recently got the news that I passed my final examinations and I'm overjoyed about graduating with a medical degree. If it wasn't for the Cost of Living Support Fund I would have been continually fretting and finding my financial worries too distracting to knuckle down and get on with studying for my finals. 

There are many people like me that come from a poorer background. I'm no less intelligent or capable then those from more fortunate financial backgrounds, I just simply lacked the opportunities that others had been given.

Giving back

Without this help, I honestly wouldn't have been able to get through this tough time and go on to become a doctor. It also means that one day I will be able to donate to the university and continue the great privilege of helping those in need.

To anyone thinking of supporting the Cost of Living Support Fund, I would say it's an honour to be able to do such a significant thing. You might not feel the impact of your donation, but I want you to know that people like myself will be eternally indebted.

The Cost of Living Support Fund is generously supported by regular donors to the University.