Transcripts, certificates and verifications

Find out everything you need to know after you've graduated about how to get your transcripts and certificates. If you're an employer or agency, we have details about how to use our online verification service.

For graduates

You can purchase an official replacement or duplicate certificate or transcript by visiting our online store. We offer the online store Academic Transcript service to Manchester alumni who graduated after October 2004. Alternative documents are available for those who graduated before October 2004. Please see proof of your degree award, which includes a Confirmation of Award letter. 

Our graduates from 2009 onwards can still access a digital copy of their academic transcript.


Your transcript lists the modules taken, credit value and grades achieved during your studies. It's an official document containing a full record of your confirmed academic results and can be used for third party verification purposes. An official transcripts is provided digitally when you graduate.

Interim transcripts

Your interim transcript lists the modules taken, credit value and grades achieved during your studies. Official copies of your interim transcript are available to undergraduate students and contain results that have been validated by an Examination Board. Provisional results won't appear so you should contact your School/Department for confirmation of these if needed.


The award certificate details:

  • the degree or award obtained (for example a Bachelor of Science);
  • programme of study (your course subject);
  • the overall result obtained (classification);
  • the date of the University award.

It's printed on official parchment paper containing watermarks and other security features.

Confirmation of Award letters

A Confirmation of Award letter is an official letter that can be used as proof that your award was granted by The University of Manchester, so becomes available once your results have been approved and released. 

Throughout the year, letters will be provided automatically within at least a month of you completing your degree. From May to July, your letter will automatically be provided before graduation. If you need a copy, you can email:

Former graduates (including from affiliated institutions) can also request a letter by emailing:

DOATAP - Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (Hellenic NARIC)

A DOATAP Confirmation of Award is a version of the letter that confirms you carried out your studies as an internal student at The University of Manchester.

It is available to alumni students who are applying to the Greek DOATAP authorities to have their award validated.  DOATAP is responsible for the recognition of university degrees awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions.

Please note, that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, The University of Manchester is currently unable to provide postal provision of transcripts or original copies of the DOATAP Confirmation of Award letter directly to DOATAP.

If you have a Digitary Core account please share your digital official transcript with DOATAP. The DOATAP Confirmation of Award letter can only be provided in PDF/electronic format. You can request a letter by emailing:

Access your academic transcript and HEAR online

Digitary Certified Online Record Exchange (DIGITARY CORE) is our secure cloud platform that helps learners around the world access and share their digitally signed academic documents online with employers, education providers, governments and other third parties.

The platform (previously called eDocs Digitary) provides digital access to your transcript and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). Transcripts are available from the day of your graduation ceremony and HEARs are usually available from the end of the month following your graduation ceremony.

This service and access is free of charge.

Using Digitary CORE

With Digitary CORE, you can:

  • access your digitally certified academic records online;
  • securely share your records with third parties, quickly and easily.
  • if you graduated from 2009 to 2018 and have a classic eDocs Digitary account, migrate your documents to a new Digitary Core account;
  • if you graduated from 2019 onwards and have a Digitary Core account, sign in to Digitary online;
  • if you have forgotten your login details you can reset your password online;
  • if you don’t already have either an eDocs Digitary or Digitary Core account, contact the Student Services Centre (SSC) by emailing Please be sure you don’t already have an account before contacting the SSC.

The Digitary Core service is not available if you completed any of the following courses:


Action to take

MBChB Visit MBChB transcripts
Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work  Visit transcripts of training
PGCE  By request only, email 
MBA Worldwide (Global) Graduates before July 2019 Contact
Bachelor of Dentistry Contact the School 
Architecture degrees (excluding PhD graduates)  Contact Manchester Metropolitan University
Degrees from affiliated institutes (including the Institute of Financial Services) Contact relevant institution of study

For further information and guidance please visit Digitary Core

December 2021 graduating cohort – receipt of official documents

Physical certificate  

If you were registered to attend a winter 2021 ceremony that has now been postponed, your certificate will be sent to your home address, as recorded on your student record in the student system.

Please make sure your home address is up to date, no later than Friday, 31 December 2021.

What can I do if the home address is wrong on the student system?

If your home address is incorrect you can update it by following these steps;

  1. Log into MyManchester.
  2. Click on ‘My Profile’ and ‘Edit’.
  3. You should then click on ‘Student System' and from the 'Self Service' menu navigate to ‘Addresses’.
  4. Click on ‘Home Address’ and select the 'Edit Address' hyperlink.
  5. Fill in the correct address information including full postal code and remember to change country (if applicable) and click ‘OK’.
  6. You should enter the date when you moved/will move into this address and then select the address type as HOME by ticking the appropriate box and then click on submit.
  7. Finally select 'Save' to finalise your change.

There will be no collection facility available, you can only receive your certificate in person during the ceremony, or by post to your home address. 

Official digital certificate

You'll receive your official digital certificate via Digitary Core no later than Friday, 17 December 2021.

You need to add or update your home/personal email address on your student record to receive your notification as this will be the email address linked to your Digitary Core account.

Make sure your email address has been updated by 1 December 2021.

Official digital transcript

If applicable, you'll receive your official digital transcript via Digitary Core by Friday, 17 December 2021.

You can find exceptions in our Acces your academic transcript and HEAR online information

You need to add or update your home/personal email address on your student record to receive your notification as this will be the email address linked to your Digitary Core account.

Make sure your email address has been updated by 1 December 2021.

Automatic provision of Confirmation of Award letter

We're also delivering an automated Confirmation of Award letter. This will confirm details of your award which you can use in lieu of your certificate.

You'll be sent an email on, or before, 8 December 2021, to a maximum of three email addresses on your student record. If you don't have an email contact on your record then you won't be sent anything.

The email will state the following:

  • From: University of Manchester Student Services (
  • Subject: Confirmation of Award Letter 

Maintaining your connection with The University of Manchester

Once you've graduated you'll begin to hear from the Division of Development and Alumni Relations (DDAR). They're here to:

  • help you stay connected with the University;
  • connect you with other alumni who can help with your career and next steps;
  • help you access services like Library e-resources and the Careers Service.

To make sure that we can continue to support you, please check and update your personal email address by logging into MyManchester (click on 'My Profile' and 'Edit'). 

This needs to be done before 6 January 2022.

How your personal information will be used

Official programme

We'll be creating an official programme which will include your name and award, but not your individual classification.

If you don't want your name and award to be included, please email by 5pm on Wednesday, 1 December 2021. Please use 'Graduation programme' in the email subject line.

Third party verifications

Your degree information will also be shared with Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD). HEDD is the UK's verification service and is managed by Jisc.

This lets potential employers verify your results online. The information stored about you in the HEDD database can only be accessed with express written permission from you each time. The data is not just accessible to anybody at any time.

Email the Student Services Centre on to ask about the process of removing your qualification from HEDD. We advise against this because it might increase the time it takes to verify your result during employment screening or by other universities.

For employers and agencies

For all third party verifications, The University of Manchester uses the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) online verification service, enabling employers and agencies to verify The University of Manchester (including former UMIST) awards and any affiliated awards. 

Please note that this service is only for third parties.

How the system works

This system was developed by Graduate Prospects (Jisc) in consultation with universities, employers and screening agencies. Funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and launched by Graduate Prospects, HEDD is now rolled out to institutions throughout the UK.  

The service allows registered enquirers to input data provided by applicants, including their name, date of birth, institution, year of graduation, and qualification classification, and the service checks this information in real time against an encrypted dataset from our student records to verify if there's a match.

You'll be charged £12 per enquiry. 

Making an enquiry via our online verification service

To make an enquiry, you need to register on the HEDD website. Select 'The University of Manchester' from the list of UK higher education institutions and choose the option to 'verify a degree award'. 

You'll be charged £12 per enquiry. 

You’ll need the individual’s name, date of birth, course and qualification. For graduates, you'll also need their year of graduation and degree result. 

We recommend that you ask to see the degree certificate if there is one and use that as the basis of your verification enquiry, or ask individuals to give you their data as they believe it’s recorded in the student records system. That way you have a better chance of getting an automatic verification.

If you don’t get an automatic verification, the enquiry will go to our team for manual verification, with a five working-day turnaround time. 

Information management

All your enquiries are stored in the system and can be exported as an MS Excel or CSV file. You can sort your enquiries according to status:

  • automatically verified;
  • pending  this means we couldn’t automatically verify your enquiry and you’re waiting for a response from us;
  • not verified – where we have responded in the negative;
  • partially verified – where we have verified some but not all of the data, for example: the wrong year of graduation has been submitted. 

Help using the system

If you have any problems or queries, email (include your phone number if you would like a call back).