Young Persons’ Forum

Teachers and careers advisers from the Greater Manchester area can encourage pupils to get involved in our Young Persons' Forum.

The forum consists of young people from Greater Manchester who are in Years 10 to 13. It engages participants in our recruitment and outreach activities, while simultaneously hearing views and opinions on our activities, making us more responsive to the needs of young people. 

Benefits of joining the Young Persons’ Forum 

Local young people will join the Forum from October to July. Joining has been a really positive experience for the young people involved. 

Members get experience of developing their thoughts and arguments, and gain confidence in their own views and opinions. They have the opportunity to develop a range of new skills, or build on those they already have, in areas such as teamwork, presentation skills and communication skills. 

We also encourage members to mention the Forum on their CV or UCAS application form. 

Find out more about the Forum 

If you would like any further information about the Forum, or how to get involved, email