Our new accommodation pledge 2020

This hasn’t been the year that any of us would have planned and we know we haven’t got everything right. But we're making this five-point pledge to all students in our accommodation.

Pledge 1: Rent reduction

A reduction in rent

We'll give all students in our halls of residences a reduction for semester 1 (Sept 2020 – 31 Jan 2021) totalling 30%. This will be provided irrespective of whether you stayed in halls over the holiday period or not, and will be applied to your next payment taken.

Students living in University accommodation who have not returned to that accommodation since the national lockdown announcement on 5 January will not pay any rent until the end of the current restrictions or the date that they return to their accommodation in Manchester.

Pledge 2: Flexible accommodation agreements

More flexible accommodation agreements

You can break your accommodation agreement, clear your room and hand back your keys once during term time in the 2020/21 academic year without financial penalty.

If you want to return later in the academic year, we'll do our best to find you a place.

Pledge 3: Maintenance support

Better maintenance support

We’ll fix your problems in the promised timescales.

If this isn’t possible, then we’ll offer you alternative accommodation at no extra cost. You can also request compensation.

Pledge 4: Tackling antisocial behaviour

Tackling antisocial behaviour

You can anonymously report antisocial behaviour and breaches of COVID-19 restrictions by fellow students and we’ll commit to investigating fairly and sensitively.

We’ll take firm action against any students proven to have behaved badly.

Pledge 5: Study facilities

Better study spaces

We’ll provide additional COVID-19-compliant meeting and study facilities at our main residences by January.

We’ll extend the opening hours of the Main Library and continue to expand the number of study spaces available across campus.

We also give a commitment to continue to listen to and engage with student representatives.

Signed by: Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor
Endorsed by: Kwame Kwarteng, General Secretary, University of Manchester Students’ Union