Dr Jim Warwicker, BSc, PhD

Jim joined the Board of Governors in 2020.

Jim Warwicker

Jim is a Reader in the School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Biological, Medicine and Health (FBMH). He graduated with a BSc in Physics and a PhD in Biochemistry from Bristol. Following post-doctoral years at Yale, Jim worked at a UK Research Institute and the University of Glasgow before joining UMIST and then The University of Manchester.

His work is interdisciplinary, reflected in movement between the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) and FBMH, and current location in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. His group develops computational models for predicting the properties of molecules in biology and biotechnology, and collaborates widely for testing and validation.

Jim has carried out roles in FSE and FBMH, including School Board Chair in Chemistry and master’s programme direction.