A Pensions Advisory Group report continues its lasting impact

The Pensions Advisory Group's (PAG) 'Guide to the Treatment of Pensions on Divorce' has featured in the Nuffield Foundation’s annual report as a key Justice Output for the year.

The Nuffield Foundation annual report highlights the reach and impact of the PAG publication A Guide to the Treatment of Pensions on Divorce, mentioning that the free guide has been downloaded over 5,000 times and received media coverage from national publications as well as trade publications aimed at lawyers, financial advisors and actuaries.

The guide has also been adopted by the Financial Remedies Court's Good Practice Protocol and is informing the work of the charity Surviving Economic Abuse. The guide has been referenced in a number of court cases, including one in which an expert report was rejected because it was deemed not to have followed the guide’s recommendations.

The Nuffield report mentions Professor Debbie Price (former MICRA Director), who won the Sociology Impact Prize for this work on behalf of PAG, as well as mentioning the MICRA Seedcorn funding for the follow-on project.

This work continues, as the group have been short-listed for an ESRC IAA award to take the work further by the creation of a 3-minute video animation by Cognitive Media.

Debbie Price is currently working with the charity Surviving Economic Abuse on some materials arising from this project too, and the lay guide for divorcing couples arising from the report is in preparation with the charity Law for Life (funded as an extension to the grant by the Nuffield Foundation).

View the full Nuffield guide where the crucial work of the PAG is mentioned on page 23.

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