After Maria: Everyday recovery from disaster

A graphic novella, produced by Dr Gemma Sou, explores how low-income Puerto Rican families recovered from the impacts of Hurricane Maria.

On 20 September 2017, the ‘biggest storm in Caribbean history’ Hurricane Maria struck the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico causing over US$30 billion in damage. But what happened after the storm passed? How did the people recover and what were the long-term and hidden impacts?

For one year, Dr Gemma Sou and Dr Felix Aponte-Gonzalez conducted ethnographic research, following 16 low-income Puerto Rican families to find out how they recovered from Maria. Gemma turned this research into a 20-page graphic novella. Although the graphic novella tells the story of a fictional family, After Maria is based on the experiences that tie together all of the Puerto Rican families Gemma spoke to.

The graphic novella is free to download and you can read in English or Spanish here: https://www.hcri.manchester.ac.uk/research/projects/after-maria/

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