Ageing research continues at MICRA throughout coronavirus crisis

MICRA will continue research during the COVID-19 pandemic and is looking at ways we can help the crisis.

During this challenging time, the University of Manchester has continued with research, teaching and engagement, albeit with staff now working from home. MICRA is no exception here - we are continuing to support ageing research and our operational team are accessible by email. Our news pages are being regularly updated and you can connect with us on Twitter.

We are also currently reviewing our events programme, with scheduled events being postponed and rescheduled for autumn, winter and into 2021. Additionally, we are in the process of reworking this year’s MICRA PhD Conference so that at least part of the conference may be virtual.

Whilst UoM scientists and clinicians have formed a rapid research group to tackle COVID-19, our sociologists are also looking at what work can be undertaken. Together with partners such as the GM Ageing Hub and the Centre for Ageing Better, we'll be keeping you updated on our research and developments.

Professor Tarani Chandola, Co-Director of MICRA stated: “MICRA’s research on ageing populations and communities has become increasingly vital during these recent weeks, with wide-ranging changes to our lives having an impact on all sections of society, especially our vulnerable and older adults. Many of our MICRA members are already directly involved in the efforts to respond effectively to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic."

If you have any suggestions on additional roles MICRA could play, please do let us know by contacting suzanne.booth@manchester.ac.uk.

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