AI and the Arts: Languages and Linguistics

'AI and the Arts: Languages and Linguistics’ is a free internal online event taking place on 7 June.

This cross-platform event between the Digital FuturesCreative & Heritage and Data Science & AI themes and the Creative Manchester platform will highlight and map out expertise, strengths and possible directions at the intersection of AI/data science and languages/linguistics at the University of Manchester. AIandthearts[2]

This highly interdisciplinary area opens up a number of exciting possibilities for research, teaching, knowledge exchange and business engagement. Researchers from across the Digital Futures and Creative Manchester networks will spotlight their research in these areas. 

Speaking at the event will be Dr Colin Bannard, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, Dr Andrea Nini, Lecturer in English Language, Dr Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and English Language and Prof Tobias Galla, Professor of Theoretical Physics.

This event is internal, and you can register here

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