Ambition for Ageing release new report ‘Pandemic Pressures’

Ambition for Ageing, a close partner organisation of MICRA, have released a new report titled ‘Pandemic Pressures’,

'Pandemic Pressures' summarises research by Ambition for Ageing into how Greater Manchester equalities organisations have responded to the needs of older people during the COVID-19 crisis and provides recommendations for actions to be taken now to support future emergency planning.

Key findings from within the report include: 

  • Equalities organisations that work within and for particular communities of identity which experience marginalisation were on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Learning from the pandemic has shown that in order to mitigate against increasing inequalities in a crisis, service commissioners, funders and contractors must recognise and utilise the expertise of equalities organisations. 
  • The resilience of equalities organisations needs to be built on and supported to allow them to respond in a crisis. 
  • We need to learn from the experiences of equalities organisations during this pandemic not only to help in any future crises but to tackle the widening of inequalities caused by this one.

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