Ethnic profiler for every part of England and Wales available online

27 Aug 2013

A fascinating free interactive tool has been published online by University of Manchester researchers, which allows you to calculate the ethnic profile of where you live.

The profiler, created by a team based at University’s Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE), calculates age structures for any local authority in England or Wales according to ethnic group, religion or national identity.

It has been designed for the academic community, however the public are also welcome to use it for free.

Users can now see data which compares age, ethnic groups, religion and  national identity for wherever they live.

It also allows users to compare the data for two areas at local authority or national level.
Among the nuggets revealed by the profiler:

  • A comparison of Manchester and England’s Indian age structure, reveals that Indian young families are moving to Manchester in significant numbers.
  • A comparison of England’s age structure for all people with no religion, reveals a high number of Godless young adults. Women, however, are likely to be more religious at a younger age than men.
  • The data for all people living in the City of London reveals that it is middle aged and predominantly male.

The work is supported by a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and is led by Ludi Simpson, Professor of Population Studies at the University of Manchester.
Professor Simpson said: “This tool will be of interest to anyone with an interest finding out what the profile of people living in their local area is like.

“There is much misunderstanding and misinformation about identities and the ethnic and religious profiles of the neighbourhoods around us.

“But this profiler will help put any misconceptions right, giving detailed information and a fascinating picture of our ethnicity, identity and religion according to where we live.”
How to use the profiler:
1.    Clink on the link to open the Excel file: (it is a large file, 5Mb)
2.    Click on the first red drop down menu and choose an area from the list – either a country, a local authority (in alphabetical order), a region, or a type of local authority (Metropolitan districts; rural remote areas, etc).
3.    Clink on the second red drop down menu and choose an ethnic group, religion or national identity from the list. You can also choose ‘All people’
4.    Clink on the two blue drop down menus to choose a second combination: you can compare two groups for the same area, or two areas for the same  group or any combination.

Notes for editors

A four-page Census briefing learning about immigration from the changing age structures of England and Wales’ ethnic groups is also available: ‘What makes ethnic group populations grow? Age structures and immigration’

The profiler may be used freely but any publication of results from it should carry a citation to the Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity and The University of Manchester as well as the 2011 Census, and a link to the web page where the profiler can be downloaded
The work is led by the University’s Professor Ludi Simpson and Dr Stephen Jivraj and supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The Centre of Dynamics of Ethnicity is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.
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