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Prestigious new collaboration awarded to Greater Manchester

27 May 2008

The National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) has selected Greater Manchester as the venue for a prestigious new Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC).

The CLAHRC - a collaboration between the University of Manchester and 19 NHS Trusts across Greater Manchester - will receive £20 million over five years to fund research into health care for people with cardiovascular conditions and ensure that knowledge gained from this research is used to improve health services across Greater Manchester.

The Greater Manchester CLAHRC is one of seven others in England that were selected by the NIHR to generate a step change in the quality of NHS care through knowledge transfer between a leading university and its surrounding NHS trusts. The award of a CLAHRC to Greater Manchester testifies to the exceptionally high quality of health sciences research in The University of Manchester and its strong track record of partnership working with the NHS.

CLAHRC Director, Professor Bonnie Sibbald, said: “Manchester researchers are among the best in the world in developing and evaluating new ways to improve health care. The CLAHRC will help us to ensure that knowledge gained from this research is effectively translated into improved health services for the people of Greater Manchester.”

Salford Teaching Primary Care Trust leads the collaboration whose NHS partners include all ten Primary Care Trusts in Greater Manchester together with the mental health care services, ambulance service and five major hospitals. The Association of Greater Manchester Primary Care Trusts have pledged £10 million to the CLAHRC with matched funding of £10 million to be provided by the NIHR. 

Speaking on behalf of NHS collaborators, Dr Mike Burrows, Chief Executive of Salford Teaching Primary Care Trust, said: “The £10 million we have pledged is a testament to our confidence that the collaborative will develop essential outputs that are of value to the NHS. We will be able to harness the knowledge and skills of leading researchers in the University of Manchester to improve our services for people with cardiovascular conditions, including stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and heart disease.”


Notes for editors

More information about NIHR CLAHRCs is available at:

NIHR CLAHRCs Secretariat   Tel: 020 7972 4619     Email:


Further Information – The University of Manchester. Health science researchers concentrated in the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences will carry out four interrelated programmes of research to develop new approaches to improving the quality of care for people with cardiovascular conditions. This work includes the development of:

  • better resources to support patient self-management (led by Professor Anne Rogers);
  • new approaches to the management of depression in patients with vascular disease (led by Professor Linda Gask);
  • patient-centred models of access to specialist care (led by Professor Martin Roland);
  • information systems to facilitate the planning and monitoring of care pathways for people with vascular disease (led by Dr Iain Buchan).

These researchers are joined by a team of experts in the management sciences, concentrated in Manchester Business School, who will lead four implementation programmes designed to promote the uptake of the research into practice in the NHS (Professors Ruth Boaden, Heather Waterman (School of Nursing) and Louise Fitzgerald (Visiting Professor) and Drs Gill Harvey, Anne McBride and David Bamford)

Each programme of implementation centres on improving the quality of care for a particular vascular condition, including:

·         stroke (led by Dr Pippa Tyrrell);

·         diabetes (led by Dr Martin Gibson);

·         chronic kidney disease (led by Dr Donal O’Donoghue);

·         heart disease (led by Professor Christi Deaton).

Manchester Lead - Bonnie Sibbald, Professor of Health Services Research and Director of the University of Manchester Institute of Health Sciences, led the team which developed the successful bid for a CLAHRC and will become its Director. She is supported by Ruth Boaden, Professor of Service Operations Management in the Manchester Business School who led the implementation component of the bid and who will continue to provide overall leadership for this aspect of the CLAHRC’s work.

Further information - NHS collaborators. The award of a CLAHRC to Greater Manchester is a testament to the commitment shown by local NHS providers and commissioners to using evidence from research to generate improvements in patient care. The Greater Manchester CLAHRC will support a step change in the translation of research into practice across Greater Manchester by providing the expertise and funds needed to develop and implement evidence-based approaches to care for people with vascular disease, including stroke, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and heart disease.

The CLAHRC will build on existing service improvement initiatives to further increase the quality of patient care in both hospital and community settings, and strengthen the integration of care pathways across different providers. NIHR funding of £10 million, over five years, will be used to support research into new patient-centred approaches to care for people with vascular conditions. Matched funding of £10 million from the Greater Manchester PCTs will be used to support the uptake of these and other evidence-based developments into everyday practice in the NHS.

The new approaches to care will first be tested and refined at selected sites; then scaled up and rolled out across the Greater Manchester area. The CLAHRC will provide the expertise and funds needed to facilitate this work, including training for NHS staff and protected time to engage in service redesign. PCTs will help to embed and spread the service improvements through their commissioning plans. The five year programme is expected to generate improvements to the quality of care for people with vascular conditions and reduce inequalities in access for marginalised patient groups.

NHS Collaborators in the Greater Manchester CLAHRC

Collaborating primary care trusts:

Ashton Leigh and Wigan PCT; Bolton PCT; Bury PCT; Heywood Middleton and Rochdale PCT; Manchester PCT; Oldham PCT; Salford Teaching PCT; Stockport PCT; Tameside and Glossop PCT; Trafford PCT.

Collaborating hospital trusts:

Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust; Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust; Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust; Stockport NHS Foundation Trust; University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust.

Collaborating mental health trusts:

Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust; Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust; Pennine Care Mental Health Trust.

Collaborating ambulance service:

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust

For University and general media enquiries please contact:

Laura Blake, Director of Communications, NPCRDC

Tel; 0161 275 7647 or 07884 475849

For PCTs and NHS Trusts please contact:

Warren Heppolette, Association of Greater Manchester PCTs


Tel: 07917 551247.

For Manchester Business School please contact

Kate Jeffery, Marketing Department                              

Tel: 0161 275 7090