Australian composer John Chantler starting a 2-day Hordijk synth Residency at NOVARS

During November 1-2, Stockholm-based composer John Chantler will be NOVARS new artist in residence 2022. Attracted by our world-class Hordijk analogue synthesizer, he will explore some of its hidden features for a future composition in 2023. As part of his residency, John will run a seminar/ drop-in session with NOVARS postgraduates and final year Undergraduate music students in composition, to discuss his work with electronics and synthesizers, especially the Hordijk synth (he owns a 4-panel Hordijk system himself).

John Chantler is a musician and organiser living in Sweden. He mostly works with synthesizers and electronics to create unpredictable, highly dynamic music where passages of spare, alien beauty bridge held chords, saturated in harmonic distortion. In 2019 he started building a system for performance consisting of multiple battery powered synthesizer/speaker things that can be variably suspended, swung, spun and set in locations without depending on the typical concert/club infrastructure and classical modes of performer/audience interaction. His most recent solo recording ‘Tomorrow is too late’ (October 2019, ROOM40) was originally commissioned by INA GRM for the 2018 Présences Électronique festival in Paris. 

In 2020 he released recordings of two ongoing collaborations: a duo with saxophonist Johannes Lund (Andersabo) and a trio with drummer Steve Noble and saxophonist Seymour Wright (Atlantis). Originally from Australia he spent a decade in London before moving to Sweden in 2014 where he directs a small annual festival for ‘other music’ in Stockholm called Edition. The ‘Fifth Edition’ is provisionally scheduled for early August 2020 2021 February 2022.

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