Greater Manchester celebrates young people’s wellbeing on #BeeWell Day

Schools and youth organisations across Greater Manchester will take part today in the first ever #BeeWell Day, with a series of creative, active and online events celebrating young people’s wellbeing.

Hosted by the legendary venue Mayfield Depot, young people will take part in workshops, lessons and performances across the city region to explore wellbeing and mental health. The day has been designed by young people and delivered in partnership with the mental health charity 42nd Street.

#BeeWell is a collaboration between The University of Manchester, the Anna Freud Centre and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to survey young people’s wellbeing and bring about positive change with the results. 215 secondary schools will take part in the programme, including more than 90% of mainstream schools in the city region.

The survey, published today for the first time, was co-created by 150 young people in secondary schools across the city region. Quality assured by academics, it will be the biggest survey of its kind.

On #BeeWell Day, young people will take the mic, with performances and streams from Bury Met Youth Theatre, KYSO, Spectrum Gaming and Reform Radio. Schools and youth organisations across the city region will lead their own activities and famous figures will be invited to share their own experiences of supporting their wellbeing.

An old school bus that has travelled around secondary schools for the past week will arrive at the Mayfield Depot decorated in creative interpretations of what wellbeing means to the young people of Greater Manchester.

The publication of the #BeeWell survey links with the launch of a comprehensive study of children’s wellbeing measurement produced by the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, Children’s Society and the Health Foundation. The study highlights #BeeWell as an example of place-based, integrated wellbeing measurement bringing together academic expertise and youth-led change.

#BeeWell Day is all about celebrating our young people across Greater Manchester. It has been a challenging 18 months for many but the resilience and creativity of our young people is plain to see both in the events today and through our wider work in Greater Manchester around Life Readiness and the Young Person’s Guarantee. I am thrilled that so many schools across the city region have signed up to take part in the #BeeWell survey as we look to prioritise young people’s wellbeing coming out of this pandemic.
Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

Simone Spray, Chief Executive of 42nd Street, said: “Greater Manchester #BeeWell Day is such an important pioneering event that gives us all the chance to celebrate and be inspired by young people. The day - and the survey to follow - will be young people’s chance to share their experiences and insights and help shape future services and opportunities across Greater Manchester, which is so needed after such a complicated and challenging 18 months.”

Meera Saravanan, member of the #BeeWell Youth Steering Group, said: “#BeeWell wants to listen to young people’s voices and act together for change. We have created this #BeeWell Day so that every young person feels like it’s something they can get involved in, whether it’s by writing, dancing or painting a massive school bus!”

For more information, visit https://gmbeewell.org.