Cheshire Dogs Home visit to School of Physics and Astronomy

On Wednesday 17 January 2018, we were delighted to be able to invite Cheshire Dogs Home to visit the School of Physics and Astronomy to offer our students additional support and the chance for them to relax for a while during their exams.

Students were able to de-stress and have some “hands on” experience with the more friendly resident dogs who are used to being handled and love to be stroked. The staff from Cheshire Dogs Home also gave an informal chat about the day to day running of the dogs’ home and general work of the charity.

The event was a huge success with over 100 students attending. Students were very positive, enthusiastic and complementary, with students making the following comments:

“It really makes a difference to know that the school cares about our wellbeing and is willing to organise this kind of event, thank you so very much for that.”

“Thank you so much for organising the dogs coming in today! I absolutely loved it and would definitely attend something like it again! “

“Thanks for the lovely event, i really enjoyed it and it did help me and my friends relax after three stressful exam days. I'd certainly attend again. Thanks for organizing such an amazing and wholesome event when we all needed it.”

“There should be even more dogs, more often. As an international student I had to leave my dog at home in Australia and I really miss him (more than the humans I left there :P ). So it was really really great to be able to pat some dogs."

Staff from Cheshire Dogs Home commented on how enjoyable the visit had been for them and the dogs, and they would be keen to come back to the School for a similar event in the future.

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