Chinese Government Award for Dr Jingzhen Du

Congratulations to Jingzhen Du, of the Liddle Group, who has been awarded a Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad from the China Scholarship Council.

This highly coveted prize is awarded annually to independently funded students for "a record of outstanding accomplishments during their PhD in any discipline" and is the highest award given to graduate students studying outside China.

During his PhD, which was funded by the University of Manchester President’s Doctoral Scholarship Scheme, Jinzghen investigated the chemistry of actinide-nitrides, probing their synthesis, electronic structure, and reactivity, and unusual small molecule activation at transient low-valent thorium. After his PhD, Jingzhen remained in the Liddle Group where he is currently a postdoctoral researcher.

Jingzhen said: “I am absolutely humbled and delighted to be a recipient of this award. The list of previous winners is full of highly talented individuals, so I am deeply honoured to have been selected.”

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