Composition for reconciliations across racial lines

In May, Prof Kevin Malone worked with the distinguished and multi-Emmy award-winning television, film and concert composer John Wineglass, whose African ancestry underpins his latest compositional work about American slave ownership.  

As a Professor of Social and Autoethnographic Composition, Kevin has decades of experience in interviewing, recording, editing, and creating sonic art from personalised interviews, and along with John and Australian researcher Dr Anh Nguyen, devised an approach to interview a UK-based descendant of the family that owned John’s ancestors. 

Kevin also served as recording engineer and editor for this interview, which took place in Manchester on 26 May 2022, and which will serve as the basis for John’s next work on how understanding and potential reconciliations across racial lines may be achieved.  A group visit to Liverpool’s International Slavery Museum informed more of the group’s research.

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