Criminology lecturer receives ONS Early Career Researcher Award

The award recognises the excellent and innovative analyses carried out by David during his PhD research about “Small area estimation for criminological research”.

The ONS awards ceremonyA Lecturer from the Department of Criminology was recognised on 13 October at Research Capability 2021, an event held by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), recognising outstanding, innovative research carried out using ONS secure data or data managed by the ONS.

The ONS Research Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding, innovative research carried out using ONS data that deliver a public benefit to the UK while protecting data confidentiality.

David Buil-Gil received the ONS Early Career Researcher Award for his PhD research, ‘Small area estimation in criminological research’, which was supervised by Prof Juanjo Medina and Prof Natalie Shlomo.

The aim of this research was to develop a framework of theory, simulation studies and applications of 'small area estimation' to criminology, bridging the gaps in existing methodologies involving research of crime in small geographic areas.

Published across four research papers, this PhD produced reliable small area estimates of survey-recorded crime and perceptions of crime. More specifically, David’s PhD research applied model-based small area estimation techniques to compute estimates of the dark figure of crime in England and Wales, perceived neighbourhood disorder in Manchester, worry about crime in Europe, and confidence in policing in London.

The Judging Panel considered that “this project is a prime example of early-career research – novel in approach, technical in application and proactive in transparent publication enabling dissemination on the international scale”.

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