Criminology professor discusses domestic abuse on Radio 4

Professor David Gadd appeared on Radio 4’s new flagship programme, Positive Thinking with Sangita Myska. The programme addressed the question of how to stop men hurting women.

According to Professor David Gadd, domestic abuse needs to be reframed as an issue that men need to tackle.

The UK needs to begin a national dialogue that goes beyond public awareness to a prolonged period of public engagement that provides interventions to dangerous men, supports those at risk of becoming abusive, especially young men who think they may need help to be better partners and fathers, and that is connected up to social marketing efforts that get men reflecting as undefensively as possible about what abuse-free relationships and gender equality have to offer them.

Politicians, of all colours, need to start being honest with the public that the criminal justice system rarely offers a totally long term solution to domestic abuse and sexual assault. Rather than having a system that encourages denial as offenders try to avoid the consequences of a conviction in the courts, we may need to find ways of encouraging those who have behaved badly to admit what they have done, to apologise to those they have hurt or scared, including their children, and to commit to getting some help. This would be a difficult social change to manage, but in the long term, it might be the only option.

For further details, listen to David's appearance on the show on the BBC website.

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