Department of Chemistry triumphs at Students' Union and Peer Support Awards

The Department of Chemistry has performed strongly at The University of Manchester's Students' Union and Peer Support Awards.

Each of the staff-based awards (ten in total) included an individual from the Department shortlisted as the top three nominations across the University - out of more than 315 nominations in total. From this, the Department received a total of four awards.

Dr Alan Brisdon received the award for Innovative Teaching; Jessica Hingley and Jennifer Managh received the award for Excellent Support Staff; Dr Nicholas Weise received the award for Commitment to Student Partnership; and Wanpeng Lu from the Yang Group received the Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Professor David Mills was shortlisted to the top three nominations under both Above and Beyond, as well as Excellent Academic Advising; Dr Sihai Yang was shortlisted to the top three nominations for Exceptional Feedback and Outstanding Postgraduate Supervision; Professor David Collison was in the top three for Inclusive Teaching Practice; and Dr Frank Mair was in the top three for Diversity in the Curriculum.

The Scheme was the runner up in the Innovator Category, and Shamael, Klara, Dukula, Mariam, Nelly, Oscar and Dr Nick Weise also received Outstanding Contribution Awards for their roles in Peer Support.

Watch the video on the Manchester Students' Union Facebook page.

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