Dr Neil Walton wins 2018 Erlang Prize

The Erlang Prize was awarded for Dr Walton's fundamental contributions to the modelling and analysis of stochastic networks, which have significantly advanced our understanding of congestion and optimal resource allocation. His results on proportional fairness, multiclass queueing systems, bandwidth sharing and switched networks have addressed several important open problems in the field. He has introduced novel and elegant tools for the analysis of these stochastic networks. His work connecting classical product form networks and utility-maximizing bandwidth sharing networks enables a systematic study of these systems in a unified way. In addition, Dr Walton's work on switched networks rigorously shows the optimal-scaling of queue-sizes in these systems, thereby addressing an important open problem in the field.

The prize also recognises the breadth and depth of Dr Walton’s work in applications, such as stochastic simulation, online advertising, and transportation systems.

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