Educators’ guide for climate change education in schools out now

Catherine Walker has published her Educators’ guide for the Young People at a Crossroads Creative Book.

Educators’ guide for the Young People at a Crossroads Creative Book Cover

The Educators’ guide presents a brief ‘setting the scene’ review of research and policy developments to explain how a whole school approach to climate change is both necessary and possible. It has been published alongside the Young People at a Crossroads creative book for students in secondary schools who want to educate themselves about climate change, while also addressing issues such as feelings of climate anxiety and a curriculum unfit to address the climate crisis.

The Educators’ guide is a resource for teachers and educators to be used standalone or alongside the creative book to aid young people navigate the crossroads they find themselves at when learning about climate change.

You can download the Creative Cook and Educators’ guide here.

As part of the final stages of the ‘Young People at a Crossroads’ project Catherine Walker also presented virtually at the international conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education, taking place in Adelaide from 27 November – 1 December. Her talk was part of a symposium organised by AARE’s Special Interest Group in Environment and Sustainability Education entitled ‘Place identities, inequities, and affective publics of youth engagement in climate education and action’. Within this, she presented a talk called ‘Places near and far: Teaching climate change in multicultural classrooms’.

She also organised an event at the University of Melbourne to celebrate what has come from the YPAC project. This was attended by five school groups, teachers, researchers and civil society individuals with interests in climate justice and education.