Embedded Systems Project race winners receive awards

A team of five third-year undergraduate students in The University of Manchester's Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering have been presented with their awards for winning the 2018-19 Embedded Systems Project race.

Tenidoluwa Williams, Yue Wang, Adrian-Laurentinu Barbu, Andrei-Bogdan Ionescu and Ahmad ElShahed collected their prizes in front of a crowd of approximately 250 attendees at the annual dinner for the Institute of Measurement and Control's (InstMC) Central North-West Section.

Audience members were comprised predominantly of industrialists working in the field of measurement and control, and the occasion presented an excellent opportunity for the students to network and learn more about work in this field.

The race took place in late April - towards the end of the students' second year of study - when the team produced an autonomous buggy that could navigate a racetrack faster than any of the other 47 teams involved. Each winning student received a prize of £100, funded by Sella Controls and the InstMC, as well as a certificate.

Dr Liam Marsh, Lecturer in Embedded Systems in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, said: "The Embedded Systems Project race day is the culmination of a year-long project that is undertaken by all second-year students. Each year students participate in a series of assessed heats, which are performed on smaller sections of track, with the best-performing buggies progressing to the final race. This race is not part of the assessment, and the final layout of the track is hidden from the students until race day.

"In order to win the race, teams need a lot more than their individual technical knowledge. Completion of the track itself is not an insignificant task; in order to design a buggy that can successfully navigate the track in any amount of time, teams must be able to combine theory with practical engineering skills, project management and team-working skills. Winning the race requires all of these things to be done to the highest standard, which can only be done by a team that works well together."

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