Era-Learn Releases Conference Report on 2023 Partnership Stakeholder Forum

MIOIR’s Dr Dimitri Gagliardi and Honorary Professor Effie Amanatidou have prepared conference report from the 2023 Era-Learn Partnership Stakeholder Forum.

Era-Learn Releases Conference Report on 2023 Partnership Stakeholder Forum

The much-anticipated conference report from the Era-Learn Partnership Stakeholder Forum 2023 is now available for download on the Era-Learn website. 

Prepared by MIOIR’s Honorary Professor Effie Amanatidou and Dr Dimitri Gagliardi, in collaboration with other Era-learn consortium partners, this report delves into the dynamic discussions that unfolded at the second Partnership Stakeholder Forum, organised by the European Commission and ERA-LEARN.

Held in Brussels on December 5-6, 2023, the event drew more than 250 participants, engaging in parallel sessions that addressed pivotal topics for the Partnership community. From exploring synergies between partnerships and missions to evaluating achievements based on the Horizon Europe interim evaluation, the report captures the essence of the diverse discussions that took place.

One key focus of the forum was the future of Partnerships, with in-depth discussions on their selection process and design under FP10, internationalisation, and global links in the context of the EU’s strategic autonomy. 

The report provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by European Partnerships and outlines their role in building a better future amid limited resources.

European Partnerships play a crucial role in achieving critical mass, channelling over 20 billion euros from Horizon Europe and leveraging an additional 30 billion euros from various partners, primarily from the industry. This collaborative effort is pivotal in addressing pressing global challenges.

For those interested in finding out more about the EU Partnerships programme, the Era-Learn platform offers a page on 'Partnerships in a Nutshell'. 

To gain insights into the discussions and outcomes of the 2023 Partnership Stakeholder Forum, access the report here: