European Commission Awards Era-Learn Project Consortium Four-Year Grant

European coordination and support action grant to strengthen research partnerships through Era-Learn project (2023-27).


The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) is pleased to be a partner on a four-year coordination and support action grant from the European Commission’ Horizon Europe programme for the Era-Learn project consortium. 

Titled 'Strengthening the European Partnership Community', the grant will support its partners in promoting research and innovation partnerships in Europe from 2023 to 2027.

MIOIR plays a vital role in Era-Learn, assisting research funding organisations, policy makers, and researchers with valuable information and services on European Partnerships. Dr. Dimitri Gagliardi and Debbie Cox will lead the Manchester participation in the project, focusing on impact generation and assessment.

Led by Dr. Roland Brandenburg from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, the consortium comprises 15 esteemed partners. Era-Learn is a trusted support platform for European Partnerships, providing evidence and guidance for their development, implementation, and evaluation.

We are committed to fostering impactful partnerships for the benefit of society.

Dr Dimitri Gagliardi, Senior Research Fellow at MIOIR

The consortium welcomes researchers, policy makers, and stakeholders to engage actively in promoting innovation and addressing societal challenges. 

For more information, visit Welcome to ERA-LEARN — ERA-LEARN.