EXPERT COMMENT: Calais migrant crisis


Dr Jonathan Darling is a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography and is an expert on migration, asylum and immigration at The University of Manchester and is available for interview about the Calais migrant crisis.

He can offer expert views on the context of European migration and asylum, the challenges of managing the migrant crisis in Calais, and the possibilities of solutions to the crisis that address the wider issue of refugee resettlement in Europe.

His research areas cover:

  • The process of asylum dispersal and refugee resettlement 
  • The politics of urban asylum in contemporary Britain at a time of increasing pressure on asylum services and provision
  • The rise of social movements which seek to challenge current asylum policies and which advocate a more welcoming stance

He said: “Any solutions that seek to address the migrant crisis in Calais should take into account the bigger picture – it is not enough to simply build bigger fences and increase border patrols. The situation in Calais is linked to the challenges that Europe is seeing more widely around migration, and solutions will only be realised when policy makers and politicians recognise this”.  

Notes for editors

Dr Jonathan Darling is available for interview via the Media Relations Office and you can read his bio here.

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