Exploring the experiences of migrants living in Latin America through the Covid-19 pandemic

Tanja Bastia's digital exhibition features photographs from migrants across Latin America.

'Fearless voids' by Fieke van Berkom (The Netherlands). Photo of peson stood on rocks by the shore holding banner which reads 'COVID REFUGEE'.Dr Tanja Bastia, Global Development Institute, and colleagues Dr Erika Busse Cárdenas and Dr María Calderón Muñoz, recently ran a photography competition to document the voices and images of migrants living in Latin America through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Funded by the SEED Social Responsibility Catalyst Fund, the competition sought submissions from migrants from any country in the world living in or moving across Latin America, as well as migrant organisations from any country in Latin America (South America, Central America and the Caribbean).

The competition received submissions from 10 different counties, which were judged by a panel of experts including migration specialists and photojournalists.

Submissions formed a virtual exhibition, in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and a selection of the entries have been printed as a set of cards, which will be used in educational settings and to generate awareness about migration and how migration has been affected by Covid-19.