Fatima Ibrahim as speaker at SCI Annual Lecture

Co-founder and director of the youth movement Green New Deal Rising Fatima Ibrahim gave the Sustainable Consumption Institute Annual Lecture 2023.

SCI Annual Lecture 2023

On Tuesday, 5 December, we welcomed Fatima Ibrahim, co-founder and director of Green New Deal Rising, for the Sustainable Consumption Institute Annual Lecture 2023.

This event was held in collaboration with the Sustainable Futures platform.

Fatima initially gave a talk which was followed by a panel discussion from Sherilyn MacGregor, Zarina Ahmad and Sarah Mander of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, chaired by Mat Paterson. Following this, there was a short audience Q&A session.

Green New Deal Rising is a youth movement fighting for a transformation of the economy to stop the climate crisis and build a world in which we can thrive. Fatima has more than a decade of experience organising, training, and mobilising international movements for change.

Fatima has worked for global NGO Avaaz, EU citizens movement WeMove.eu, and supported the development of youth climate movements from South Africa to Brazil during her years as part of the UKYCC. She is a 2020 Global Citizen Prize winner and her writing has been published in Vice, Time Magazine, The Guardian and other outlets.

The forces of climate delay and how we overcome them

The United Kingdom has, for more than a decade, had a consensus on the need to address the climate crisis. However, emerging dynamics threaten to disturb this consensus and put barriers in place to meeting decarbonisation goals. 

Ranging from heightened political polarisation to the complexities of implementing a roadmap for change, there exists a critical need for those dedicated to a greener and more equitable future to scrutinise these disruptive forces and cultivate resilience.

We’ll delve into the wisdom gained from grassroots movements, deconstruct effective political narratives, and consider the democratic structures we need to bolster resilience. Join Fatima as she leads this conversation to navigate the challenges that threaten to undermine the progress we have made in the fight against climate change.