Geography academic receives recognition from two universities in Scandinavia

Professor Erik Swyngedouw will receive an honorary doctorate at Malmö University on 19 October.

Erik, Professor of Human Geography in the Department of Geography, has visited Malmö University on several occasions over the past ten years.

In 2016, he taught the doctoral course ‘Urban isms’ and this year he will teach the Nordic doctoral course ‘Thinking Spatially’ which is organised in collaboration with other universities.

Rebecka Lettevall, Dean of the Faculty of Culture and Society at Malmö, commented that awarding Erik an honorary doctorate means 'linking a world-leading scholar to our research environments in urban studies, policy studies and environmental studies'.

"This aids us in achieving our ambitious and strategic research goals," added Rebecka.

This is the second time Erik has been recognised by a university from Scandinavia over recent weeks.

He was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from Roskilde University in Denmark on 22 September.

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