HCRI launches new CPD course in Humanitarian Education

The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) at The University of Manchester will be launching a new CPD unit in Humanitarian Education in summer 2020.

The course is designed to support educators in engaging with humanitarian topics, from teachers in the classroom to tutors in the wider global community.

How we approach and discuss these issues with others is incredibly important in understanding humanitarian responses, particularly when adding the dimension of 'humanitarianism' in how we teach global issues. This CPD unit will explore how humanitarian topics are being taught and how to be a 'humanitarian educator' in whatever capacity the students are currently working in.

The unit will be led by Dr Amanda McCorkindale, Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies. Recently Amanda attended the National Council for Social Studies Educators and the National Council for Geographical Educations. This was an opportunity to discuss the programme with teachers and raise awareness of the HCRI with educators who directly teach the subjects we focus on.

Amanda stated that she received a warm welcome from attendees who were interested in the programme and the HCRI.

"I'm looking forward to following up with these teachers in the New Year," she said.

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