HCRI publish their anti-racism statement and actions for moving forward

HCRI have published the statement following their first anti-racism discussion forum held with staff and students last week.

HCRI staff and students have spent the last few weeks reflecting on the events happening both in the UK and the USA, including the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and listening to the wider debates this has opened up around racism, white privilege and colonialism.

While HCRI does not tolerate or give space to racism, they are committed to doing more to be actively anti-racist. Beginning with the Institute’s first anti-racism discussion forum on Thursday 11th June, which was highly attended by both staff and students, some of the initial discussion included:

  • Better communication on how staff/students can flag racist incidents, and/or racist material in lectures such as historically racist documents;
  • More diverse reading lists: the authors, and also the material itself, e.g. more recognition given to less traditional work like blogs, opinion pieces, videos, etc;
  • Improved options for students to study in-depth histories of colonialism and slavery;
  • Diversifying guest lectures, event panellists, and HCRI staff;
  • HCRI intend to continuously check themselves against these points moving forward, and will be holding another forum shortly.

Read their statement in full, including more detail on the aforementioned points.

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