HCRI students launch new HCRI Society

A trio of undergraduate students have successfully set up an HCRI university society on campus.

Committee organisers Holly Vipond, Matilda Shannon and Sarah Hilton-Watts identified that unlike other institutes and courses across The University, HCRI did not have a platform that provided aspiring professionals to connect away from the classroom. To cater to this gap, the women decided to set up the society and worked closely with The University of Manchester Student’s Union to make their vision into a reality.

Over the summer, the Student's Union equipped the organisers with the skills required to become committee members and offered training opportunities to empower them to launch the society in time for the new academic year.

As part of the launch, a welcome social was held exclusively for first-year students to get to know their fellow classmates, helping to ease any nerves about starting university in a new city. The newcomers enjoyed an afternoon at Junkyard Golf and the organisers thanked everyone who attended.

In terms of future events, Holly, Matilda and Sarah aim to provide a mixture of academic and social events, where students at all levels of study can network, share ideas and socialise to enhance their university experience.

The HCRI has said it is proud of the students who are demonstrating leadership by founding the society.

Roisin Read, Undergraduate Programme Director said: "This is a fantastic initiative and a great contribution to the broader social environment of HCRI. We really thank Sarah, Matilda and Holly for all their hard work on this. We hope that the other students join the society and that it becomes a wonderful way for students to connect and build friendships across all years of study in the Institute."

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