HCRI to appoint first Climate Crisis Lecturer

HCRI are inviting applications for a lectureship in responses to the climate crisis for the first time in the Institute’s history.

The lectureship is part of an expansion in the Institute designed to build upon existing strengths around the intersections of disaster management, humanitarian studies, and responses to climate change.

It is intended to make a significant contribution to research capacity in these areas and foster collaborations with other crises research groups across the university.

The role will further embed climate concerns in our interdisciplinary educational portfolio.

The position comes after The University of Manchester’s statement supporting the UK government's declaration of an environment and climate emergency earlier this year. 

From this perspective, HCRI is empowering future humanitarian workers to be equipped with practical knowledge, which can provide humanitarian aid and relief to people impacted by climate change challenges such as conflict, displacement, malnutrition and climate-sensitive diseases.

Bertrand Taithe, HCRI Executive Director, said: "Humanitarian responses have always been set against a context of rapid and sometimes catastrophic changes.

"Since Rudolf Virchow in the nineteenth century, scholars have contemplated the link between famines and climate variations – the scientific consensus on climate change and our increased perception of this change to be a crisis are raising many important issues for our research in HCRI.

"Causalities need to be defined better and we need to further our understanding of the climate crisis itself and of the social responses it will provoke.

"This position is clearly of strategic importance for our future work and it will feed in our existing teaching and research questions on this topic."

Applications for the lectureship close at midnight on 18 November 2019.

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