Hearing Care 4 All Virtual Art Gallery engages global audience

A new landmark study from researchers in the Institute for Health Policy and Organisation (IHPO) highlighted that the focus regarding acquired hearing loss should not simply be on the age of older adults but on factors that impact on people earlier in life, which if modified, could reduce hearing loss in older age. Tackling hearing health inequalities throughout the life-course could improve the population’s health, maximising the opportunity for healthy ageing.

Hearing Care for ALL certificate of participationTo promote this novel approach, Dr Dalia Tsimpida organised the Hearing Care for ALL Virtual Art Gallery. The aim was to engage the general population and policymakers and promote hearing health during the life course. The Virtual Art Gallery was organised on World Hearing Day 2021 on behalf of the IHPO, with generous support from The World Health Organization (WHO), the World Hearing Forum, and the Coalition for Global Hearing Health.

The Hearing Care for ALL Virtual Art Gallery reached a global audience and featured 45 photo entries, visual art and poems from 15 countries: United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, India, Rwanda, Uganda, Philippines, Australia, and Mexico.

All entries are featured in the Hearing Care for ALL Virtual Gallery, which is ‘amazing and sunny’, as a VIP visitor commented! 

These creative activities engaged several audiences and challenged negative ideas about hearing loss in older age. Utilising art to communicate encouraged people to engage visually and interactively with the Virtual Gallery project. In the case of hearing loss, where negative stereotyping persists, the creative dissemination provided an opportunity for accurate information to be reported in engaging ways that can help create dialogue and change public perceptions.

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