Hitachi, Salford Royal FT, Salford CCG, and NWEH partnership to target diabetes


Treating type 2 diabetes costs the NHS £8.8bn each year and despite being largely preventable its prevalence continues to increase. In Salford, one in ten men over the age of 60 has diabetes. A major driver for the development of diabetes is obesity, which markedly increases the risk of developing the disease.

In partnership with Hitachi, Salford Royal FT, and Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NorthWest EHealth is set to deliver a game-changing telecare service across the Salford area that will target people at the pre-diabetes stage, when they present with impaired glucose regulation (IGR). 

NorthWest EHealth is itself a partnership made up of the University of Manchester, Salford Royal FT, and Salford CCG.

Following on from a proof of concept trial, the study will allow both diabetes specialist nurses and patients to view their progress implementing small lifestyle modifications. Changing people’s attitudes and habits around portion size, exercise and alcohol consumption can add up to make a huge difference to lowering their risk – Diabetes UK advises that every kilogram of weight lost can reduce risk by up to 15%.

Using Salford’s integrated electronic records system, and this new online interface, people at greatest risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be identified and supported to work towards healthy lifestyle goals.

As well as reducing the risk of developing diabetes, the project has the potential to improve patient health overall, and limit their risk of developing other chronic illness like heart disease and cancer. It could also provide a model which can be used to remotely treat a broad range of different disease across the UK.

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