IAS student branch chapter hosts first electrified transportation symposium

The Industry Application Society (IAS) Student Branch Chapter at The University of Manchester has hosted a successful first-of-its-kind ManSET symposium, dedicated to bringing together researchers and academics working on electrifying power systems of transports.

Held across two days in July, the event featured illuminating presentations by distinguished lecturers in the field of electric transportation, as well as research discussions by PhD students and postdocs from universities around the world.

The event attracted 229 registrations and 156 attendees, including people from South America, North America, Africa, Asia and Europe, with most attendees from India.

It presented an opportunity to engage in discussion and question-and-answer sessions with a variety of professionals from different academic backgrounds, and prizes were awarded for outstanding presentations. Positive feedback was received through Google Forms, social media, and email.

IAS is a newly-established student branch chapter in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Manchester - it is just one year old - and the symposium was organised by a group of just six people, four of whom are PhD students.

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