Inaugural issue of ‘Consumption and Society’ out now

Dan Welch is the co-founder of the new journal focussing on understanding consumption as societal phenomenon.


The inaugural issue of the journal 'Consumption and Society' published by Bristol University Press is out now.

SCI Lecturer Dan Welch is among the founding co-editors of this journal focussed on articles that advance understandings of consumption as a societal phenomenon, embedded in, and constitutive of, socio-economic, material and cultural configurations.

The first issue sees SCI contributions from Alan Warde and Luke Yates and is open access until October. It will be launched at the ESA Sociology of Consumption Research Network conference taking place at SIFO, Oslo Metropolitan University, at the end of August.

Luke Yates’ article ‘How everyday life matters: everyday politics, everyday consumption and social change’ analyses how the concept of ‘Everyday life’ is increasingly featuring in accounts of socioeconomic transformation and reviews its connections with consumption, sometimes referred to as ‘everyday consumption’; and to political action, ‘everyday politics’.

Alan Warde contributed an article entitled ‘Society and consumption’ discussing themes identified as aims and objectives of the journal Consumption and Society, reflecting on connections between the journal’s two titular concepts. It contrasts two distinct definitions and understandings of consumption, as purchase via market exchange and as the use of goods and services.